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Australian Takeover at Junipalooza

Written by Gin Foundry

We don’t think you’d accuse us of any sort of exaggeration if we said that Australia is really quite far away. We should know, too - we schlepp it down under for Junipalooza Melbourne every year and it’s a hefty old trek, even with a refreshingly long G&T waiting on the other side…

Don’t get us wrong, Aussie Gin is so bold, so big and so bonkers and we love it so infinitely that the journey is more than worth it. In fact, we love it so much that we don’t want you lot missing out on it, so this year we’re carving out a corner of Junipalooza London for a big old Australian Takeover, bringing the distillers and their brilliant gins to you. Saves on airfare, doesn’t it?

We’ll be joined by five fantastic Australian Gins this year, with the distillers from each flying over to serve up their wares in person. Their gins are a world away from ours, and the botanicals that go into them are… well, let’s put it this way: Don’t get offended if someone starts shouting pig face at you - it’s merely an ingredient…




With a trio of wonders to their core range (and more to come), there’s something for everyone in the Seppeltsfield Road Distillery line-up. Their Barossa Dry and their House Gin combine a sense of classism with a wonderfully nuanced and soft flavour journey, while their Savoury Allsorts Gin is a treat for liquorice lovers. Stop by with an empty glass to meet husband and wife team Nicole and Jon Durdan and be sure to give them a very warm welcome, as you’ll be meeting them on the very day they launch in the UK.

In their own words…

“It was sheer luck that during that development, both Jon and I liked the same three blends out of about 25 ideas, and those three were completely different. One of our most common questions is ‘what makes your gins different from each other’. We can explain, but we think it’s better that people taste the difference for themselves.”

In that case… challenge accepted Nicole.


The Brookies team harvest their ingredients fresh out of the rainforest, then use the profits to develop, nurture and sustain the landscape. It’s a beautiful cycle, and a delicious one too, with their gin perfectly classic yet spectacularly unique. The Junipalooza stand will be manned by core team member Eddie Brook, who’s jetting over for the occasion.

In their own words…

“As a family, we believe that if you’re going to do something, do it and do it well. In comparison to many distilleries, we have a relatively small product list comprising our Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin & Our Brookie’s Slow Gin made from the local rainforest plum, the Davidson Plum”.

It might be just a duo, but it’s a might duo and one worth savouring!


Sydney Beaches, bravado and botanical spirit aplenty. Captured in every bottle (and gosh, how beautiful a bottle) is a whole host of flora, some of which were foraged at low tide…

In their own words…

 “Starting a distillery is an “all in” 24/7 effort. As a husband and wife team will pull together strongly, heading for the same goal with total alignment. Our complimentary left and right brain skills work beautifully together to make great booze”.

You’ll get to taste it for yourself, as well as have a good chat with both David and Vanessa to see their differentiating approaches to flavour creation. It’s always interesting to hear from those happy to go wading out to sea to collect fresh ingredients.


The rockstar distillers from the Yarra valley are back! If you think you’ve tried it before, think again - they’ll always have some strange and brilliant concoction to hand. This year, co-founder Stuart Gregor will be hosting the stand and sharing their stellar story so far.

In our words not theirs…

Four Pillars is arguably, the most exciting and dynamic gin brand anywhere in the world. They are trail blazing in the Australian market proving that craft can compete with the big boys, that scaling up and growth can be done with authenticity and without compromising on core values. Their range is exceptional and they are a distillery to watch as it is they who many other ginsmiths take their cues off. Moreover it is always an absolute must visit as each time you do, you’ll walk away inspired and in awe of what they are achieving as a team. Possibly a bit deaf too, Stu’s a loud fella.


Any distillery that promises to kickstart a juniper revolution is right by us. Never Never are obsessed with the core gin botanical, going out of their way at each and every turn to ensure that a bold, sappy and pine line runs straight through the centre of all of their spirits.

In their own words…

“In the race to be different, in the competition to stand out, gin producers have sacrificed the core ingredient that makes gin special. We don’t want to just lead through example or simply educate through taste – we want to grow a whole army of juniper freaks, who demand juniper flavour when it comes to the gin they consume.  Juniper is what makes so magnificent, so we want to celebrate it.”

Make a beeline for the stand to meet the trio of gin super-fans behind this gin on their UK DEBUT no less and be sure to try their Triple Juniper Gin, which is everything you want it to be and more.

Don’t forget to book your tickets and meet these inspirational makers and more, taste their gins and join in the greatest celebration of Gin on the 8th and 9th June.