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Junipalooza Cocktail bar

Written by Gin Foundry

If meeting makers, tasting the best gins in Australia, watching a still up and running, joining masterclasses and eating delicious street food wasn’t enough (if it isn’t, you’re a tough crowd!), we’re pleased to announce that Bad Frankie will be returning to host the cocktail bar at this weekend’s Junipalooza Melbourne 2017.

For those of you not in the know - Bad Frankie is a bar specialising in serving up Australian craft spirits and the humble jaffle (or toasties to us Pomms). The bar began when, wandering the streets of Nashville in 2011, owner Seb Costello settled down in a diner to drink a bourbon and a local beer, washed down with an American style hamburger. He realised that he’d done this with tequila and tacos in Mexico and with Pernod and Croque Monsieurs in France.

He began wondering what his home country, Australia, would offer; the food and drink aligned with the culture. When he returned home he discovered a world of native spirits that were beginning to bloom. Falling in love with the quality of the artisan style products, he decided to showcase them through Bad Frankie. Fast forward a few years and in 2017, won Best Small Bar at the highly regarded Australian Bartender Magazine Bar Awards.

The pop-up bar at Junipalooza will be a reflection of Bad Frankie’s Australian focus and be a celebration of  local gins and how to harness the flavours within. Here’s a flavour of what to expect:


A twist on an Army & Navy with the clever use of a macadamia lead Orgeat and Poltergeist Unfiltered Gin, leaving behind a wake of subtly nuanced, dry sensations.


A eucalyptus smoked orange and clove spritz using Wild Brumby Gin. Be warned - ‘one moment it’s paradise, the next it’s trying to kill you’!


Cassis, flaming ginger and herbal liqueur combine to perfection with Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin in this interpretation of the classic Floradora. Improved? More like perfected…


This tall, citrus driven drink is just the ticket to restore your palate. With Giniversity Gin, a lemon myrtle sherbet zing and a soda top, you’ll be quenched and left tingling for more.


This twist on the Martini focuses on native ingredients, from Adelaide Hills’ Ant Gin and Rosé Vermouth infused with native lime and served up with a desert lime… Tasty!


Patient Wolf, Okar Amaro and Maidenii Sweet Vermouth. If it were a fable we think it would begin with “What big eyes you have! The better to see where to order another…”

Junipalooza Melbourne
Junipalooza Melbourne