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Ginvent - The Original Gin Advent Calendar

Ginvent began one cold, dark winter night when we realised that no one made a gin-filled Advent calendar. To resolve the deplorable absence of our precious juniper spirit during the season of festivities, we designed, crafted and installed a 2 x 2 metre calendar in a central London bar and each day opened a new door. We celebrated the gin inside by serving up G&Ts and cocktails, as well as hosting tastings and generally sharing the gin love.

The calendar was an instant hit and we were flooded with requests to miniaturise it in order to spread the festive cheer by making it available for all to enjoy in their homes. Not everyone can get to London, apparently, and this was an idea that needed to be democratised. The rest, as they say, is history and seven years on the Ginvent Calendars have gone global…

Ginvent calendars are representative of Gin Foundry’s core mission: to celebrate Gin and help drinkers find their perfect tipple. Ginvent is a central pillar on which we further this aim, and to accomplish this we dedicate months of each year to discussing the exact right gins and plotting ways to bring the calendars to life.

So what’s inside? Each year, we select 24 Gins that provide a snapshot of the category’s depth, diversity and global reach. They are each bottled in 24 individual hand waxed drams, containing 30ml each. We scour countries in search of the very best, the most unusual, the most progressive and – of utmost importance – the most sublimely delicious gins. The content of the Ginvent calendars is carefully curated and painstakingly considered so that all styles of gins are included, from London Dry to Old Tom, to Navy strength, Fruit infused and so on…

We also make an effort to showcase all types of producers, celebrating the artisanal, craft makers while providing a unique chance to compare them in context to some of the familiar, more established names. It’s a chance to really discover the very best the category has to offer and will challenge your preconceptions as it titillates your tastebuds.

We take great pride in presenting a new line up each year, alongside a new look and feel so for those of you who have already enjoyed a Ginvent calendar, 2019 promises a different selection once again. As always, there will be calendar numerous exclusives, some made in collaboration with us,  as well as new gin launches making their debut behind certain doors, as well as a gin we’ve distilled here at Gin Foundry… It is set to be an epic journey!

Ginvent 2019 is available to order on GIN KIOSK 

You can see what they are below but fair warning, the more you scroll down this page, THE MORE SPOILERS AS TO THE 2019 CONTENTS THERE ARE!

Ginvent is designed to be a shared experience, so each day we run live tastings via our social media platforms, host tastings across the UK and publish articles, interviews and features on the gins included.

We hope that by doing this, anyone who wants to peel back the layers and discover a little about the people involved and the spirits they make - can find a perfect platform to learn more. Moreover, there is a schedule with tasting notes and G&T suggested serves for each gin in the programme below, so all the information needed is gathered in one place. Again, as it has to be brand specific, there are clearly spoilers, so fair warning for those who really don’t want to know!

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What is a Ginvent Calendar?

The Original gin fuelled Advent Calendar, filled with 24 mini drams of different brands of Gins, selected from all over the world

Where is Ginvent Available from?

You can get hold of Ginvent calendars via Amazon, Gin Kiosk, Master of Malt, Not on the High Street and at the Ginvent pop-up!

What do others say about it?

"Is it too early to be getting excited about the countdown to Christmas? Not when it includes a gin advent calendar..." METRO


Conniption Navy Gin

We're kicking off with this wondrous American made Gin because we think it does a great job of combining the best of two worlds. It has both the deep, resinous juniper character of classic Gins and the freshness that modern distillation (low heat) allows - in this case a crisp dose of cucumber.​

Voted USA today's best craft Gin distillery 2018, we think this is one of the best American gins on the market. Whether it's the process or the flavour that you want to explore, there's a lot to delve into here - the perfect start to this journey of discovery!

If using Indian Tonic:

Double down on that crisp freshness - add a cucumber slice to make it pop even more.

Dartmouth Navy Strength Gin

For day two we're sharing the second release from this distillery. Made to a different botanical recipe than the flagship, this is a different beast altogether. Inspired by maritime history, there is a prominent lime as well as a fuller mouthfeel to maintain the smooth sipping nature despite it's eye watering ABV of 57%.

If using Indian Tonic:

Zest in a lime peel to cut through the resinous juniper and pine notes, as well as add a zing to the spiced finish

Brussel Sprout Gin

Scottish Gin powerhouse Pickering's is releasing this gin exclusively for Ginvent users (otherwise, it's only available in bauble format and in 200ml bottles via the distillery direct)! We can't say much about the profile yet), but we can hint that what usually pushes people apart at Christmas time has been transformed into something that can bring us all together...

If using Indian Tonic:

With such an unusual star botanical, keep the G&T; 'naked' and enjoy!
Or why not try a cucumber slice to accentuate the flavours?

Tarquin's Treth Ha Mog Gin

What's Ginvent without a Tarquin's exclusive?! We won't say anything too specific about this limited edition collaboration just yet, other than it marks the third part of our creative trilogy of gins exploring all things Cornish and experimental.

It's also not a vegetarian friendly gin, make of that clue what you will...

If using Indian Tonic:

Add a a zest of fresh lemon to bring out the burnt citrus note

Loch Ness Scottish Gin - Legends Edition

Born from a connection to the infamous loch and the land around it, all the botanicals (yep, juniper included) are sourced from around the distillery. Each batch released is unique in both flavour and inspiration, but so far so fantastic for this team. It's worth noting that when it launched, Loch Ness was the only UK distillery using exclusively UK-grown juniper. It's a rare beast - just like it's elusive namesake. We think you'll enjoy this one.

If using Indian Tonic:

Embrace the herbaceous nature of the gin and add some blueberries into the mix.

Slingsby Gooseberry Edition Gin

Slingsby added to its range this year with this divine, wine inspired gin. Full to the brim with plump Yorkshire gooseberries, it has an unmistakable tangy sharpness and a bright, fruity sweetness. It still retains the classic citrus notes of the underlying classic London Dry Gin, though - so those keen to crack onto the Fruit Gin trend without upsetting their juniper-loving palate too much will love this.

Rock Rose Pink Grapefruit Gin

This extra special edition of Rock Rose Gin was part of the distillery's popular ‘Design a Rock Rose Gin Label’ competition in 2016. It burnt short and bright, and such was the love for it that they brought it back to life in 2019. This version is deliciously fresh, packed with organic pink grapefruit peel.

To create the gin, the Rock Rose team add grapefruit peel to the botanical basket, vapour infusing it along with traditional botanicals. It is then lightly sweetened with muscovado sugar.

If using Indian Tonic:

Continue the trip down the rabbit hole and add a grapefruit peel for a super charged hit.

Garden Swift Hart & Dart Gin

We very firmly believe that this is one of the greatest barrel aged gins of all time. The transformation of the distillery's flagship Garden Swift through aging in extremely rare mulberry wood barrels results in a true connoisseurs expression - it's soft, sweet, lightly fiery perfection and something you'll want more of for sure.

The mulberry wood adds delicate sweetness, discreet tannins, floral complexity and rich spice. It's a beautifully complex spirit of incomparable poise

Tappers Wintergreen Gin

Wintergreen is a winter seasonal gin released by Tapper's each year. Inspired by the British wintertime and produced during the coldest months of the year, when the frosts set in and every breath forms a cloud, Wintergreen is an aromatic artisan gin hand-crafted from start to finish using the traditional method of compounding. Sticky, gooey, resinous juniper flourishes across every inch of this.

Bright Spirits Gin - Roots

Spicy, warming and earthy, this gin is designed to be the liquid equivalent of a meander through an Arabian souk. With sweet and savoury notes throughout and with angelica root providing a dusky hit, this is an exotic treat bound to stimulate all senses.

Fresh ginger, grains of paradise and angelica root combine to create an entirely natural distilled flavour.

If using Indian Tonic:

A juicy orange wedge offsets the gingery finish


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Fishers Gin combines a marvellous mix of rare old English herbs and botanicals found along the Suffolk coast. One of the only gins that has its very own botanist, each flavour involved is stripped back to its very core and matched from the ground up. All of the wild botanicals have been sustainably sourced by forager and botanist James Firth, and are native only to a small collection of locations.

If using Indian Tonic:

Lemon livens up the nose and highlights complexity to the herbs

Explorer's Gin

New for 2019, this little treat of a Gin is packed with character. Telling the story of its home, Explorer's Gin has fifteen botanicals singing the songs of the land. Amongst them are juniper, coriander seed, fresh citrus peel, lemon verbena, fennel seed, pink pepper, cedar and timur berries.

If using Indian Tonic:

Enhance the citrus note upfront and add a grapefruit peel

Sandhills Gin

Sandhills' HYBRID distilled process enables them to create something quite unique. Using a traditional copper pot to distill botanicals with heavier oils such as juniper and coriander and a vacuum still to bring out the more delicate flavours, this is a key example of why the dual distillation method works. Bold and resinous yet light and delicate, this somersaults across the tonuge.

If using Indian Tonic:

A twist of orange compliments both the aroma and the finish.

Caorunn Raspberry Gin

Caorunn stepped into the Fruit Gin world this year, but they resisted the urge to go pink, like so many before them, instead adding all of the fruit before distillation. With swathes of Perthshire Raspberries loaded into in their unique, century old Copper Berry Chamber, the gin is vibrantly fruity and sweet, yet still retains that extraordinarily Scottish Caorunn core.

If using Indian Tonic:

Layer in some fresh raspberries to add some fruity depth to the drink.

Hayman's Gently Rested Gin

Made to reflect the style sold in London’s ornate Gin Palaces in the 1800s, this mellow little fellow from Hayman's has just a light touch of wood, expressing the time in which gin was sold from the cask rather than the bottle. The gin rests in old Scotch Whisky barrels for just three weeks, allowing a ghost of woods to grace the flavour. Tt really lifts the botanical flavours of enticing peppery spice, though.

If using Indian Tonic:

Swap the tonic for some ginger ale and add some lime wheels

York Gin Old Tom

York Gin Old Tom was awards a Gold Outstanding medal at the IWSC in July 2019, one of only 6 gins worldwide to do so, with a score of 98/100. Yep, it's that good!

As with Old Tom's as a style - expect a lovely sweetness. Here, it is achieved by adding a specially made herb-infused sugar syrup made using ingredients that are foraged from local hedgerows and the Star Inn's kitchen garden. In the mix and noteworthy botanicals are the White Alba Rose (also know as the Dog Rose - the White Rose of Yorkshire), along with Bronze Fennel and Star Anise. Angelica and pink peppercorns (Baie rose de Bourbon) complete the complex syrup and the result is quite stunning.

Batch Industrial Strength Gin

Industrial Strength is Batch Distillery's take on a Navy Gin and is a nod to the industrial heritage of their hometown, Burnley.

With increased juniper and less spice, this is a light twist on their flagship gin, albeit one fans will fall instantly in love with. This is a perfect Christmas gin, with Frankincense and Myrrh creating a festive feel on the base and lemon balm ringing in the freshness of the coming year.

If using Indian Tonic:

We'll be giving out perfect pairing ideas with each gin in due time. More on this soon!

Colombo Navy Strength Gin

There's a truly amazing story here - one that tells of the ingenuity of humans. When British people stationed in Sri Lanka decades ago required a good dose of Gin, they had to make their own.

Somehow, this amazing blend of native botanicals – cinnamon bark, curry leaves, ginger root and coriander seeds – met a base of juniper berries, liquorice and angelica to create something so perfect it was as if the ingredients had been waiting for each other all this time. Exotic and classic all at once, this is Gin at its best.

Solace Gin

Originally made to raise money for cervial cancer charities, a matter very close to Brindle Distillery's heart, the new Solace Gin was a special release. Herbal and fresh, with some of that Cuckoo Gin magic at its heart, this is a grain to glass sipper set to stun.

If using Indian Tonic:

We love it without a garnish, but if we were to add something it would be a herb fresh from the garden!

If using Indian Tonic:

Bold gin requires a bold garnish, use a big lime peel!

Stranger & Sons

Inspired by a mythical creature on her moonlit travels, this Indian Gin is part of a new wave of products helping propel India into a craft distilling spotlight.

Showcasing the incredible botanicals that grow in the country, Stranger & Sons Gin stands a step away from everyone else, yet wonderfully familiar to Gin fans. Perfect in a Martini, this is a crisp, citrus endeavour.

If using Indian Tonic:

A lemon wheel compliments the aroma and adds to the finish, but our vote is vote a fresh sliver of ginger as the perfect top note here.

Hapusa Indian Gin

In 2015, while the world was going through a “Gin-aissance” two Delhi-based bar owners in Delhi waited patiently for a tsunami of Gin brands to flood their shelves. In the end, they realised that If they wanted Indian Gin, they were going to have to make their own! Made with Himalayan juniper & native botanicals, this is a real adventure.

If using Indian Tonic:
Add a rustic looking orange peel, sit back and enjoy.​

Jaisalmer Gin

Jaisalmer is the first gin to come from a quite established distilling team. It is made as a tribute to the Imperial age and explores the region beautifully. There's a big stock of classic botanicals holding the line, but the use of Darjeeling tea, lemon grass and cubeb adds an extra dimension

Manly Spirits Australian Dry Gin

Manly Spirits have had a big old year since making their UK debut in Spring. The gin is outrageously good looking, but it's so much more than clever branding. It's a juniper-strong gin with a little umami hin, brought in my hand-plucked Sea Lettuce from the Manly coast. Completely unusual and utterly brilliant.

If using Indian Tonic:

Contrast the slightly anise like finish with a lime wedge.

Juniper Cubed Gin

Lots and lots of juniper!

We've taken 200L of gin made up from hundreds of gins from around the world and created a universal mix. We've then infused it with as much juniper as we can find, which is a lot.

We've used Juniper Communis from Macedonia, Tuscany and the Mediterranean basin. We've also added an entirely different variety of juniper, Juniperus Phoenicea that we foraged in Formentera, as well as Juniperus Procera, which we had sent over from Africa.

We took all of this and redistilled it to create a London Dry Gin.

Super geeky stuff, super tasty booze.


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