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Mark Holdsworth - Half Hitch Gin

Written by Gin Foundry

HALF HITCH is a dual-distilled gin with a totally unique taste; classic, with hints of black tea, pepper and hay, Camden based HALF HITCH Micro-Distillery has produced a spirit that is as inviting to fans of a classic gin as it is to those who like a little bit of adventure to play out on their tongues. Following up on our interview earlier this year (read more here), we caught up with founder Mark Holdsworth to breifly discuss a very busy 2017, in which all distillation was moved in house.

What have been your 2016 highlights?

We certainly raised a glass when The Savoy Hotel awarded us one of their show-cabinets. A bottle of HALF HITCH Gin has since sat proudly throughout this year in the entrance to The Savoy.

We keep seeing you pop up with exciting news - how do you feel you are faring in this crowded market?

It’s been great to see demand grow in rest of UK and beyond as we branch out of London. Gin drinkers seem to enjoy that HALF HITCH is a sipping gin and can be enjoyed simply over ice with a twist of orange – this  lets our gin stand out for itself.

What’s it been like taking all of the distillation in house over the past 18 months?

Getting our own 210ltr copper pot still has been arduous but ultimately really rewarding.

Have you had to expand the team to take on these new responsibilities?

Indeed - we now have Chris, a fellow North Londoner, (and a trained chemist) as our resident distiller.

How hard is getting the colour of the gin consistent as well as the flavour?

Both go hand in hand and need real attention and tenacity – especially as we only use 100% natural ingredients. We feel the end result is worth the hard work.

When can fans expect to see HALF HITCH in Australia and in other markets?

First bottles will arrive in February 2017, so in time for the next Junipalooza!

Do you feel Brexit will have an impact on you either way?

Like many others, our exports have been boosted by the Sterling drop but it’s really too early to call with Brexit not having even started yet – though am sure we’ll make it work.

What’s next and what’s coming up in 2017 for you guys?

Having passed all the necessary trademark & regulations processes, our first 75cl stock has just arrived in the USA, so a few trips there are now definitely in order

Lastly, what’s the one thing you wished you knew when you started the HALF HITCH journey?

How amazing a White Negroni can be at the end of a hard week’s work – see our recipe on www.halfhitch.london