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Gin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival by Aaron Knoll


Aaron Knoll's Gin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival  introduces the reader to the global artisan gin revolution, highlighting the spirit’s history and the ways that today’s craft drinks-makers have transformed the notion of what a gin can and should be.

New gins are hitting the market seemingly every day. This book will help the reader make sense of this rapid expansion, and contextualize them within gin’s illustrious history from the Renaissance apothecaries of Europe, to the streets of London, to the small local distilleries and cocktail bars of the United States, Canada, England, Spain, Australia and beyond.

It includes profiles of key players in the distilling world and hundreds of ideas for how to drink gin, whether it is as a cocktail, in a classic gin & tonic or neat, or as an aperitif or liqueur.

Hardcover: 224 pages

Publisher: Jacqui Small LLP (17 Sept. 2015)

Language: English

Product dimensions: 20.3 x 2.5 x 25.7cm

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