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Elephant Gin is a handcrafted London Dry Gin inspired by Africa and made in Germany. With Africa as their theme, the inspiration behind Elephant Gin was captured by using elements of 19th Century explorers and their journeys throughout the East African wildlife.

Elephant Gin -

On the nose, aromatic dry pine, sweet floral flavours and other herbal notes emerge in what feels like a dusty, earthy gin. To taste, Elephant Gin does not seem like a gin at 45% ABV as it has a smooth mouthfeel. Spicy flavours present themselves upfront, before pine and juniper dominate to create a dry, warming gin with a long finish. While clearly designed with the Gin and Tonic in mind, it’s easy to see how the gin will mix well with other cocktails, particularly a Negroni.

Read our full review here: Elephant Gin

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