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Anthology of Gin

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Welcome to the Anthology of Gin, a celebration of this quintessentially unique spirit.

The Anthology of Gin pack contains 4 different styles of gin in 20cl ceramic bottles, as well as a 24 page booklet explaining some of gin's rich history.

Whilst we've abridged, condensed but by no means diluted its story here, this tasting pack will lead you on a path to discover the complexities of gin and its chequered history. Each gin outlines a moment in a journey through time that has seen the transformation of the humble juniper berry into a much-loved drink. From a medicine to the delightful spirit Genever, to the influence of the Navy and their unique higher proof style, alongside Old Tom Gin and onto what we know it as today, now reduced to an intoxicating mono-syllable: gin.

The aim of the Anthology of Gin pack is not to sell you the merits of four individual gins, but to help you find which style of gin you prefer most. Each gin included has been created as an exaggeration of the style it represents.

The Genever is malty and smooth. The Old Tom is sweet, the Navy fiery and spiced while the London Dry Gin is a crisp as that stiff upper lip. In the accompanying booklet you will also find suggestions for other commercially available gins that are similar to styles found in the pack, as well as a few cocktail recipes to make the most and complement the flavours of each gin.


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