Iron Lady

Few London bars have undergone such radical transformations as the Rivoli bar without actually any major works being carried out. The Savoy comes to mind with their great refurbishment, but the Rivoli bar at the Ritz has finally shed its elitist and overtly restrictive dress code. About time too. This might sound like a petty point but it finally means that more cocktail fans are visiting and are enjoying the serves, both classic and modern, that their impeccably white-jacketed team have to offer. The effect of such a seemingly small rule is huge.

As a result, we feel that the establishment has greatly improved with less of the pretentiousness and condescension it used to have, it is now a great luxurious place to enjoy a drink in the capital of Gin. The serves they are making appear to be a little more adventurous too - with brands like Langley’s No. 8 and others, working with the bar team to create bespoke cocktails that highlight the spirit they contain.

We went to have a look for ourselves and here is a serve that caught our eye. It might seem like a little bit of a faff to make at home - Quinine Cordial isn’t easy to make - but it’s certainly worth it. Alternatively, keep an eye out for it when you go for a drink - be careful on how many you order though, much like it’s name sake, the Iron Lady cocktail is an iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove - and it’ll definitely pack a punch!

The Iron Lady at The Ritz Rivoli Bar

40ml Langley’s No. 8 Gin
15ml Quinine Cordial
5 Drops Lime Oil
10ml Sugar Syrup

Shake and Strain into a chilled Martini glass

Add champagne to top

Garnish with a lime peel

If you are making this at home and don’t have a quinine cordial, reduce a bottle of Fever-Tree Tonic Water in a pan. Let it cool down and serve. It’s not quite the same but still really tasty.

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