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Olivier Ward, Gin Foundry, The Gin Foundry
Emile Ward, Gin Foundry, The Gin Foundry
Leah Gasson, Gin Foundry
Written by Gin Foundry

Gin Foundry is the Home of Gin. We are a hub for those who seek out more information about the spirits they’re drinking; not just how they taste, but how they’re made and by whom. As well as reviews, we share news, insight, interviews and cocktail recipes to keep our readers up to date as the category evolves.

Everything we do is underpinned by a singular driving ethos: to celebrate Gin.

Gin Foundry now has a raft of projects to its name: The Ginvent Calendar, Junipalooza, the Ginfographic and the Ginsmith Awards, as well as a sister shop – Gin Kiosk. We also provide workshops and master classes for those interested in opening their own distilleries – visit our Eventbrite page to find out more.

Like other drinks sites, we do accept samples. That said, reviews are not bought nor paid for: everything we write about Gin is honest and we aim to deliver fair and true appraisals. Gin Foundry is a resource for Gin fans and makers alike, so if you feel that anything on the site needs revisiting, or if there are any topics in particular that you’d like to cover in more detail, get in touch.


As it happens all the time, we must unfortunately state the following. Please do not send bottles of gin asking for a review. We do not work in this way and this will not help you get a review. We receive unsolicited samples daily and while humbling to be asked to comment about them, simply do not have the time to go through each one. We kindly ask not to do this and deliberately keep our address private to avoid more arriving.

Please note that no-one other than Olivier and Leah have ever worked on any Gin Foundry content, and it will always be Olivier who asks for editorial requests, usually once you have spoken in person. Those who ask for a freebee, claim they freelance, intern or produce content for Gin Foundry are lying to hoodwink PR’s and distillers out of a free bottle, tour or invite; don’t fall for it.

Lastly, please note that we do not review gins that are less than 6 months old (ideally 9). It is too early to judge something at that sage and too many things change at such an early stage of a brand’s development.

Who are the Gin Foundry team?

Olivier Ward

As Editor and Co-founder of Gin Foundry, Olivier oversees the content on the website as well as the creative direction of its projects. With years of experience building drinks brands, distilling Gin and writing about it he is well placed to comment on the category and does his best to cast a positive light on the spirit and those making it.

Olivier also delivers consultancy work for those seeking to open their own distilleries and hosts frequent ‘how to open a distillery’ workshops at Gin Foundry HQ. He is shortlisted as IWSC’s Communicator of the Year 2017 and has been named by USA Today as one of the foremost specialist authorities on Gin. Outside of his work on Gin Foundry’s platforms, Olivier is Channel 4’s resident Gin Expert on Sunday Brunch, has presented sections on gin cocktails for ITV This Morning and features regularly talking about the category on BBC radio. In the past 18 months, he has also contributed articles about Gin to Olive Magazine, BA Highlife, N by Norwegian, The Gentlemen’s Journal and Ask Men.

Emile Ward

Emile is the engineer behind Gin Foundry, responsible for keeping the wheels turning. He handles our social media, manages bespoke projects and organises events from start to finish. His commercial understanding has allowed Gin Foundry to launch products that promote the category, allowing consumers to enjoy all aspects of Gin’s rich history, and has also led to the success of Gin Kiosk.

Emile has grown Gin Kiosk to such an extent that it is now stepping into its own shoes, with a clearer demarcation from Gin Foundry in order to keep the editorial and commercial transparency clear. Expect to see Emile and Gin Kiosk host pop-ups and events in partnerships with the best Ginsmiths the world over in the months to come.

Under Emile’s careful stewardship, the Ginvent calendars have gone global, whilst Junipalooza is not only the most respected Gin event in the UK has seen, but in Australia, too.

Leah Gasson

When Leah joined the team, she had a thirst for Gin that far surpassed her knowledge on the subject matter. She has since spent the last couple of years fully immersed in a cloud of juniper, learning all that she can about Gin as she revels in its history and soaks up the stories from each and every maker out there.

As our freelance Staff Writer, Leah is based in France and responsible for assisting with editorial content on Gin Foundry, from reviews, to news, to cocktail recipes and interviews. She also works on both Gin Foundry and Gin Kiosk’s newsletters, as well as our yearly self published book - the Gin Annual.

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