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Gin Foundry HQ. Gin review
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As you can tell, we love talking about Gin here at Gin Foundry. This doesn’t just stop at online though, and throughout the year, we host tastings, workshops and entire series of events designed to help people discover more about this most delicious of spirits.

We’ve had individual makers come in person for in-depth tastings and to recount stories of how they make their spirits and their ethos as distillers, we’ve had multi-gin portfolios hold tastings across broad ranges, as well as cocktail making sessions with brands eager to help guests get hands-on with their spirits.

We too, love creating sessions ourselves. Usually hosted by our editor, Olivier, we tend to focus on wider subjects and trends going on in the category. For example, a tasting of “Gins from down under”, a look at “How to curate the perfect gin cabinet”, a line up of the “Best Fruit Gins” or even, a “Botanical gin tasting”, that saw us attempt to navigate the kaleidoscopic nature of the flavours that go into gin, one flavour zone at a time.

It helps that we have over 400 different bottles of juniper-laced booze in our intimate little tasting room to help us do this…

Gin Tasting wheel poster 02

Where are you based?

Our Tasting room is in
Coda Studios, Munster Rd
Fulham, SW15 6AW

What's coming up next?

We never host the same tasting twice!
Have a look at the programme below to see what's themes, groupings and tastings are coming up

Do you host private events?

Yes, we host bespoke tastings for groups of up to 12 people and are always open to ideas. Please get in touch if you had something in mind