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To start from the very beginning takes us back all the way to 1792 when the first master distiller was born, Karel Lodewijk Fillers. Born into his Belgium based family farm it was not until he was older that his interest grew in Genever. His passion grew so much so that his love for Genever passed on to the rest of his family, which continues to be in their line of work to this very day. Having met the current members – we can vouch for this. They are both passionate and nice, yet equally humble!

A couple of decades later, now well into the start of the 20th Century, worldwide politics and relations between a major contingent of European countries had unexpectedly taken a dramatic turn for the worse. With the First World War looming ahead, and with the third generation of the Filliers family now involved in the distillery, Genever production was forced to slow down. Thankfully, by 1928 the Great War was finally over and for a few years a more peaceful atmosphere was present and felt across most of the world. This was seen as a good time for Firmin Filliers to take over from Kamiel, allowing the Filliers distillery to welcome in a new Europe with a fresh pair of eyes and a completely different kind of spirit, that of genever’s descendent, and now increasingly popular spirit – Gin! Firmin created his recipe himself that included 28 different botanicals before releasing it in 1928, under the appropriately named Filliers Dry Gin 28.

Filliers Dry Gin 28 -

On the nose there is a strong citrus aroma supported by coriander, with a backbone of juniper. Fresh notes of cardamom sweetness are also noted. This is similarly replicated on the palate, with a citrus appeal that works alongside the juniper. Gentle and mild, the juniper is touched with a slightly sweeter edge that leads to a dry gin finish. It’s a relatively classic, understated gin but not because it doesn’t deliver. It’s tasty and well rounded, yet without a distinct tone that means it’s often (and wrongly) overlooked.

Filliers Dry Gin 28 - Seasonal Tangerine Edition

Filliers Dry Gin 28 - Pine Blossom


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