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Anyone who has been following the progress down at the Battersea Distillery, from the arrival of the Christian Carl still – now named ‘Christina’ – to the early experiments that lead to the Testbed Gin series, will have been both excited and eager to see what London’s newest gin distillery was going to create.

What has emerged is Dodd’s Gin and we’ll confess that we’re mightily impressed. Dodd’s Gin is something discernibly different in a crowded market place. Not just another gin. It’s the perfect example of a team producing something that’s both good & different and in doing so, The London Distillery Company really showcases the difference between cashing in on a category and adding to it.

Dodd's Gin -

On tasting, Dodd’s Gin has a big dose of juniper, angelica and plenty of heat from the cardamom. Zingy citrus teases its way into the mix too. A few more sips and the citrus is a little clearer. Big flavourful gin that is lovely in lots of ways. There’s a full mouth feel too – not viscous – but rich and full bodied from the use of honey as a botanical.

Read our full review here: Dodd's Gin

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