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Ferdinand's Saar



Thirty organic botanicals infused with Schiefer Riesling constitutes the basis for this very interesting gin from Germany.

The distillation process starts by creating his own base spirit from their own harvested grain. This spirit, probably reaching 90-95% ABV after several distillations, is cut with water (to reduce the ABV a little) and has a selection of 30 of their own hand-picked herbs, spices and fruits added in for maceration before the gin can be made. The 30 botanicals include lavender straight from the fallow vineyards in the Konzer Talchen valley, garden grown lemon-scented thyme, juniper, sloe, rose hip, angelica, hop blossom and rose. Also worthy of note – other botanicals included that help round-off the gin are almond shell, coriander and ginger, which imparts a fair share of spice.

Things get even more interesting however and where the gin makes its mark as being truly different. Once the distillation is over, they finally round-off the spirit with a precise measure of Schiefer Riesling. The semi-sweet Rieslings from the Saar are noted for their elegance and fruity radiance and in time, these qualities come through in the gin. Having been left to rest for a period of four weeks, Ferdinand’s is set to a drinking strength of 44% ABV using demineralised water, then filled into nostalgic-looking wine bottles and enclosed with a natural cork sealed in beeswax.

Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin -

On the nose, Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin has floral and grassy lemon notes. The grapes are recognizable too along with soft juniper. To taste, the gin really comes to life with lavender and rosecups coming to the fore and huge Riesling flavours in the mix. The juniper doesn’t quite play second fiddle, but it’s much more subtle in this botanically intense gin. With a profile reminiscent of G’Vine Floraison but, dare we say it – better balanced – the grape makes Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin stand out as something truly unique. It’s different and because of this, perhaps not for the gin purist. If you like your conventions challenged and are searching for something unusual however, this is a gin for you. It makes for a tasty Martinez cocktail but with the floral top notes, Riesling body and a teasing ginger nip to end – we felt it was at it’s best in a French 75.

Ferdinand's Saar Quince Gin -


Ferdinand's Saar GoldCap Gin -


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