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Ginvent Calendar 2014

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We've teamed up with the Drinks by the Dram team once again to bring you this little festive number... The Ginvent Calendar! The extraordinary advent calendar made especially for gin lovers!

Behind each of the 24 windows lies a different 3cl sample of a fantastic gin. There are market leaders and artisanal treats alongside new brands and even some hard to find gems. To accompany the calendar, we will be releasing each day information about each gin on ginfoundry.com as well as free daily Twitter tastings to take part in, great way to share your thoughts with other fellow gin lovers.
If you have bought the Ginvent calendar before, this part is for you!
You might think that having taken part in Ginvent before, there can't be many more "new" gins out there! Surely, after 2 years and 48 gins, you are on the road to being a gin pro, surely you've seen it all!? Oh boy... you'd be wrong. We've worked hard to ensure that you will, once again, discover new gins this year. There are some old favourites but we guarantee that there are also some that you will have never tasted before.

Why? Because two gins included are not available to buy in the UK or US and we've imported them especially for Ginvent. Two others have only been released in the last 12 months so are very new to the market. Added to this, we've called upon ginsmiths far and wide to see which variants and different styles of gin they have on offer to give you a complete panoply of gins (London Dry, Navy Strength, Old Tom, Barrel Aged) that will blow your cotton socks off.

We'll reveal the full line up closer to the time if you still have any doubts, but we won't give it all away just yet... You may wish for it to be a surprise!

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