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Ginvent 2014!

Ginvent 2014
Written by Gin Foundry

The time has come for you to make a choice… You could get a chocolate advent calendar like you always do or, you could opt for something amazingly special, delicious and bone tinglingly exciting. You could get a GIN filled calendar!

This year, there are two Ginvent calendars to choose from – and behind the 24 doors of each one nestles a 30ml jar of gin. We’ve already written about the botanical adventure that is one of them (HERE) but the other is equally as mind blowingly awesome.

We’ve put together 24 gins from all around the world in one place. From Perry’s Tot (Brooklyn, USA), Tarquin’s Gin (Cornwall, England), Edinburgh Gin (Edinburgh, Scotland), Four Pillars (Australia), Da Mhile (Wales), St George (California, USA), Ferdinand’s Saar (Germany), Filliers (Belgium), Citadelle (Cognac, France), Pickering’s (Edinburgh, Scotland) and many more, the range and provenance is far and wide.

It’s a rare opportunity to taste such a huge variety of gins all in one go. More over, all the styles of gin are covered so not only do you get to taste a range of flavours, there is also all the sub categories of Navy Strength, Barrel Aged, Old Tom, London Dry.

It’s almost like we thought it through! Well, almost - while you can open the door first thing, perhaps wait until the evening to actually crack open your dram. After all, for most - apparently it’s not the “done thing” to arrive at work shrouded by a gin mist.

- There’s only two things left to do -

For those of you whose hearts are racing at the prospect of a month of gin tipples, don’t hesitate any longer – they are available form all good retailers, namely, our good selves HERE and Master of Malt if you are outside of the UK.

For those of you who know you’ve been as good as gold this year and are, clearly, very deserving of such a considered and beautiful gift - don’t leave Santa in the dark and drop them a heavy hint by sharing this post with him.