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Botanical Adventure!

Written by Gin Foundry

Not content with making just one amazing advent calendar filled with the very best gins from all over the world, we’ve teamed up with the Drinks by the Dram team once again to bring you this little festive journey… The Botanical Ginvent Calendar!

The Botanical Ginvent Calendar takes you on a 24 day journey through 23 botanicals, as well as a base gin to which each is added. The botanicals are all cold-distilled to maximise those fresh flavours whilst avoiding any burnt or off-notes. The Botanical journey you will embark on will not only allow you to discern the flavour profiles provided by each but also understand why certain gins appeal to you more than others. As each botanical is a common sighting in many gins, this journey will enable you to dig deeper and understand the various relationships between botanicals and how they come together to make rounded and complex GIN!

We’ll confess, it took a lot of research to reach the optimum botanical intensity in each. We’ve debated the merits of creating obvious flavours to help people really explore the full flavours of each ingredient as opposed to creating nuanced gins leaning in a particular botanical direction. Along with gin brainiac Ben Ellefsen, we have decided on adding the exact same amount of distillate to the base for each of the 23 gins. This means that two things have happened… The first, is that some days are quite balanced gins with a particular botanical shining through, whereas some days won’t be very juniper lead as some botanicals have dominated the flavour. We have opted for this so that you could experience not only the flavour each botanical imparts but also gain an understanding of how potent each is. All 24 drams taste phenomenal in their own right and once you’ve added a splash of tonic the journey really takes off!

It’s super geeky and proudly so! If that wasn’t already enough, to accompany it - we’re creating an entirely new section to bolt onto the site. This section will outline the history of botanicals, what role they play in gin flavour profiles, which commercially available gins use them and finally where that specific botanical is discernible to taste. The calendar is perfect for those who are looking for a journey this December and want to really understand why gin tastes the way it does. Besides, who doesn’t like to get an early gift…!

The calendars are available to order via our own shop HERE as well as through Master of Malt, who can ship internationally HERE. We hope you enjoy exploring them as much as we have enjoyed making them and that you can join us on this adventure in December.