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G’Vine is batch distilled using a neutral grape spirit and fresh whole-fruit botanicals in France’s Cognac region. While the region may be known as the birth place of centuries-old distillation practices using the Ugni Blanc grape variety, G’Vine is the first to use it as a base spirit for gin. This specific type of grape is recognized for its adaptability to the distillation process: high in acidity and neutral in flavour. More commonly associated with brandy, it is this unconventional grape-based spirit that gives the G’Vine duo their distinct character.

G’Vine Floraison -

Bottled at 40% ABV, G’Vine Floraison has vibrant floral notes bursting though like the name suggests, it certainly makes for a different proposition. The floral flavours of the vine flower are dominant on the palate, but the gin finishes with a zesty mix of juniper and ginger.

G’Vine Nouaison -

G’Vine Nouaison is bottled at the slightly higher 43.9% ABV and attempts to embody the concentration, intensity and spiciness of its namesake phase. The spirit is noticeably spicier than its sister, but retains the similar silky characteristics set by the grape spirit. G’Vine Nouaison offers an alternative to the classic London Dry style and out of the two gins, Nouaison is the better gin.

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