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Half Hitch


Unbeknown to many, the North London borough of Camden was once a gin haven. With many famous brands based in nearby Clerkenwell (Gordon’s and Booths to name a few), distilleries & warehousing stretched over 20 acres from what is now the picturesque Lock all the way to the world famous Roundhouse Theatre.

In late 2014, Mark Holdsworth, formerly of Barcardi launched Half Hitch Gin, bringing parts of the process back to Camden by distilling his gin in Victorian vaults located right next to one of the biggest former gin warehouses in the world, the Interchange Building.

Half Hitch Gin -

Having made a base gin consisting of angelica root, cassia bark, coriander seed, juniper, liquorice root, sweet lemon, orange peel, orris root, Holdsworth adds tinctures of black tea, bergamot, wood & pepper as well as a vacuum distillate of hay. Bottled at 40% ABV, Half Hitch Gin has an auburn hue reminiscent of lightly barrel-aged gins.

Half Hitch Gin has distinct aromas of sticky, waxy pine and zesty lemons. To taste black tea is much more prominent, so too is the bergamot and cracked pepper. Both flavours combine to form a rich caramel, slightly sweet and viscous feeling.

This is the perfect amount of G & TEA to be unique yet still deliver. It's a good choice for those seeking something slightly different while also wanting that refreshing juniper and citrus kick we all need come Gin O'Clock.


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