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Created by Javier Domínguez, Ramón Morillo and Victor Fraile, SANTAMANÍA was launched in July 2014. Intended as a blend of tradition and progressive attitudes towards what both distilling in Spain and Spanish gin can be – the result is a unique distillery and a peculiar but delightful gin which place authenticity above industrialization.

SANTAMANÍA London Dry Gin -

SANTAMANÍA may taste quite different for classical gin lovers – the grape base is pronounced and the juniper is slightly subdued. With fruity undertones of raspberries and an almond finish, the gin is both vibrant and unusual from the verdant grape base, while it also retains the core characters that will please the more traditional gin drinker.

SANTAMANÍA is worth seeking out for those looking for something different and is proof that with a bit of ingenuity, passion and authenticity - it is possible to make a new and interesting contribution to the Gin category.

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SANTAMANÍA Reserva 2015 -

Matured in French Oak casks and then bottled at 41% ABV – the gin takes on an amber colour as well as a strong aroma. It’s a very different proposition to the original gin. The nose has gone from fresh floral and jammy to more subdued and sweet. Raspberries are still apparent but are less of a feature on the aroma of the RESERVA which seem to favour liquorice root, nuts and ginger.

To taste – the overall mouthfeel is soft and rounded. Gone is the vibrant berry notes, which have been replaced with more nuanced spices. The finish is smoother and the depth of flavour lingers much longer. Clichés around aging aside, RESERVA feels more grown up. As fans of barrel aged gins, we’re easily swayed towards the vanilins and tannins that are leeched from casks and even though in this case the flavour is subtle, they are clearly discernible here. An impressive specimen.

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