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The process of making Tarquin’s Gin begins when they gently steep hand-sorted botanicals in wheat spirit overnight. It is then distilled in a small pot still, that’s heated by flame, using a one shot method – only 300 bottles are made per batch. Tiny to say the least! During the eight hours of careful tinkering, monitoring and adjusting, only the heart of the run is collected for bottling (as, like with many distilleries they discard the heads and tails). Once cut with water sourced near Boscastle on the coast of North Cornwall, the gin is rested for several days after which Tarquin noses, tastes, hand fills, corks, seals and signs every bottle to leave the door.

Tarquin's Gin -

To taste, Tarquin’s Dry Gin is a well-balanced gin with all the classic botanicals coming through on both the nose and the palate. The juniper is prevalent – as it should be – but a strong lemony coriander reminds us of a deep pine forest on a hot Summer stroll – earthy notes and warm orange blossom faintly joining in. Tarquin‘s back garden Devon violets only come through after a couple of sips, but are balanced by the amount of citrusy and rooty/earthy botanicals found mingling around. Bottled at 42% ABV Tarquin’s Gin is very, very smooth and while the finish is short, it’s one of those gins that you’ll find picking up for another sip in quick succession.

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Tarquin's Hedgerow Edition -

A very unique and limited edition batch created in collaboration with Southwestern Distillery, we present Tarquin's Hedgerow Edition.

Upfront honeysuckle is clear, but not overwhelming. The gin smells fresh, clear with hints of orange and juniper whispering what is about to come. Tasted neat, perfumed almost mentholic spice laced with juniper and coriander seed emerge at first. The Alexanders seeds reveal themselves thereafter while herbal tones tease away in the background, hidden in the shadows of an overall light and floral gin. The gin is complex, layered yet quite singular in the big overall flavours which provide an umbrella for the rest of the botanicals to sit under.

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