Atlas Programme

Putting new gins on the map and providing a platform for gin makers to be heard.

Here at Gin Foundry, we’re lucky to be in a position in which we’re flooded with requests to use gins in tastings, to talk about them at events, include them in projects and feature them across our networks. We’ve been a part of the UK drinks industry for the best part of a decade, and in that time have seen relations between makers, importers and distributors both blossom and break down. We’ve seen some gins flourish, and some relegated to perennial bridesmaid status.

With all this in mind, we have launched our Atlas programme – a yearly (and year long) project designed to maximise the chances of a gin brand being discovered by both trade and consumer influencers, which will be presented by people who can be trusted to deliver the core messages about a brand’s values and who have enough gin knowledge to fully understand where and how a gin can be positioned to generate buzz.

The Atlas programme will be phased in, developing into its fully-fledged and finished format in 2017/18. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Atlas didn’t prop the heavens up overnight…

We strive to continue being a platform in which not only gin fans can discover new and exciting gins, but also in which gin makers can reach an engaged audience. This two way facilitation is something we are very excited about developing further through our Atlas programme.

With UK based gins, we will support existing teams, accentuating campaigns and providing opportunities for them to better reach gin fans at events that would otherwise be price prohibitive at a young stage of growth.

For non-UK gins, we’ll work to maximise the chance of securing a long-term importer and distributor. The Atlas programme will provide a springboard to prove to distributors that there is a clear demand, a keen audience and a great opportunity for them to incorporate the best foreign gins into their portfolios. Taking part in events and building a groundswell of awareness through Atlas will provide brands with a strong position from which they can negotiate with importers and potential collaborators. Our aim, as always, is to help brings new and brilliant gins into the country – we want to help makers openly seek new opportunities and contacts throughout the year – there’s no cloak and daggers here, no lock down contracts, just a springboard to ensure that the best gins can flow into the country and into glasses.

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What is Atlas all about?

Gin Foundry's carefully curated series of projects and events to introduce lesser known gins to a wide audience. While we'll never take a stand as "Atlas", the gins we include in the project will be included in most of our events and projects.

How can I take part?

If you are a Gin fan, you will see us present these gins and talk about them at events across the year, and please, by all means, spread the word! If you are Gin maker and this sounds of interest - you know how to get in touch.

Why is Gin Foundry doing it?

With so many Gins on the market, some often excellent products get swamped. Atlas takes the most innovative and authentic new brands and gives them a platform to ensure that the best of what the category has to offer is being noticed.

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