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Thomas Dakin


Created in a small-scale pot still soon to be installed in the heart of Manchester, Thomas Dakin Gin contains 11 botanicals, including juniper, coriander seed, cubebs, angelica root, liquorice, sweet orange peel, grapefruit peel and horseraddish to name a few.

Bottled in bespoke square bottles, inspired by 18th century bottle designs with heavily embossed glass with traditional text and colouring - the end gin is cut to 42% ABV. Explaining her decision, Joanne Moore describes the difficulty of selecting the perfect ABV for the botanical mix. Too high, the red cole dominates, too low and the gin is too citrusy. In many ways, these two ends of the spectrum are true when tasting the gin neat.

Thomas Dakin Gin -

To begin, juniper merges with horseradish in an unusual heady mix. Sweet orange and a sharper grapefruit join soon after, along with classic gin flavours of piney juniper, coriander seed and sweet liquorice. There's a distinct savoury finish along with a warming spice thanks to the cubebs. Thomas Dakin Gin has a distinct flavour journey and a lot of personality that emerges at different stages, it's different whilst also being respectful of the fact that it is first and foremost, juniper centered.

A great gin for those who like savoury flavours and making Red Snappers (Gin Bloody Mary's).

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