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Summer Cup: Alternative Serves

Summer Cup Summer Fruit Cup Alternative serve
Written by Gin Foundry

Call it a Fruit Cup, a Summer Cup, a Summer Fruit Cup (if you’re feeling particularly loquacious) or a Pimm’s if that’s your chosen brand, but whatever you do, call it. And when you do, treat it well. For too long the “Summer Cup” has just been Pimm’s dumped in a jug with a handful of bashed strawberries and off-brand lemonade. With both the Summer Cup and the mixer market reaching new highs however, it’s high time we started giving this summertime drink the princess treatment it deserves. If Pimm’s is what you are serving and you want to know how we make ours - have a look at our cocktail recipe here, but here’s some alternative Summer Cup serves (and brands) for you all to consider when thinking about what to batch up this BBQ season…

Cornish Summer Cup

250ml summer cup (e.g. Curio Cornish Cup)
500ml Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil
half cup pomegranate seeds
a handful of lightly bruised basil leaves
a sprig of lavender for each glass

Half fill a 2-litre pitcher witch ice. Add the pomegranate, summer cup and tonic. Stir, then add the basil and stir again. Pour into cold Collins glasses and add the lavender to each. If you have rosemary growing in the garden or like a boost of herbal notes, it works well in addition here.

A Rose by Any Other Name

250ml summer cup (e.g. Sipsmith London Cup)
500ml Fentimans Rose Lemonade
one cup strawberries, sliced in quarters
one lemon, cut into thin wheels
a sprig of rosemary

Half fill a 2-litre pitcher witch ice. Add the strawberries, lemon wheels, summer cup and rose lemonade. Stir, then pour into rocks glasses.

I Carried a Watermelon

250ml summer cup (e.g. Caspyn Cornish Summer Cup)
500ml Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon
half a cup of blueberries
quarter of a cucumber, sliced
watermelon wedge to garnish

Half fill a 2-litre pitcher witch ice. Add the blueberries, cucumber, summer cup and tonic. Stir, then pour into Pina Colada cocktail glasses. Garnish with watermelon (and an umbrella, if you’re feeling particularly like 80s Madonna…)

Cracked It (Strawberry Cup)

250ml Bloom Strawberry Cup (e.g. Curio Cornish Cup)
500ml Merchant’s Heart Hibiscus Tonic
half a cup of strawberries, halved
cracked black pepper to garnish

Half fill a 2-litre pitcher witch ice. Add the summer cup, tonic and strawberries. Stir and pour, then furnish each glass with a lemon zest and a sprinkle of pepper.

An abridged, inebriated history

We’ve covered the history of the Summer Cup here and alternative serves are merely another chapter in that glorious British history. That said, the recent explosion of premium mixers is worth taking note of when it comes to serving up a “cup”.

The surge in gin’s popularity and the evolution that the spirit has taken means that people are far more conscious of the flavours they’re tasting in each sip. They are also far more adventurous when it comes to how to pair gin, be it a London Dry, a fruit infused of a Navy Strength. Rather than mute their gins with inferior tonics, connoisseurs started looking towards a better serve - one that would enhance. Using natural sugars and flavours became a talking point, as did stepping away from straight up quinine. The first to take up this mantel and push it into the echelons was, undeniably,  Fever-Tree.

Since then, dozens of other brands have emerged: Double Dutch, Franklin & Sons, Luscombe, The London Essence Company, Merchant’s Heart, BTW, East Imperial… Even enduring brands like Fentimans, (which has been around for over a hundred years) have grown their range to incorporate this new age of flavour pairing. Drinkers now have the chance to toy around with hundreds of combinations, so have a play the next time you serve up this summer time concoction, as there is a world of options waiting for you…

Summer Cup Alternative serves