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A Brace of Gins

Written by Gin Foundry

Fresh off the plane - Gin fans have two new ranges to explore in the UK as 4 American Gins have finally arrived on our shores! Something to do do with Ginvent perhaps? Well that would be telling now…

Hailing all the way from New York, Dorothy Parker (American Gin) and Perry’s Tot (Navy Strength Gin) have finally landed in the UK. Based in the very trendy Brooklyn borough. Tom Potter, co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery, and Allen Katz, drinks super geek and respected drinks trade veteran, established the New York Distilling Company. With a touch of nostalgia, epitomised by the gins respective retro names, these crafts gins are meant for cocktails.

Dorothy Parker - American Gin

“Made with a fabulous blend of traditional and contemporary botanicals including hibiscus petals, this floral gin retains enough juniper bite to do Dottie, the legendary writer, poet, satirist and New Yorker, justice!”

Perry’s Tot - Navy Strength Gin

“Bottled at 57% abv, this aromatic, overproof gin is tremendous in cocktails. It’s named after Matthew Calbraith Perry, a notable commodore who was also a commandant of the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the early 1840s.” With a nod to Plymouth and the inside of the label being printed on as well as the outside, it’s a fresh take on the over proof style.

The range from Smooth Ambler Spirits has also just been brought out in the UK from across the Atlantic. Good work Maverick team (Master of Malt)!

Smooth Ambler Greenbrier Gin

“Created from grain to glass at this small state-of-the-art craft distillery, American Craft Spirits say that “this gin really sings, it’s perfect.””

Smooth Ambler Barrel Aged Gin - Stillhouse Collection

“Tremendous barrel aged Smooth Ambler gin that has spent 3 months in 50% virgin and 50% Old Scout Bourbon barrels.”

All of the above drinks can be brought online from Master of Malt.  Master of Malt is the first UK company to be selling Dorothy Parker and Perry’s Tot, a feat that we’re immensely pleased about. They are awesome gins, from a distillery with character, integrity and craft at its core.