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Level Up
Written by Gin Foundry

We are proud to announce that as of today, Gin Foundry has joined Enotria & Coe and that we will begin a new chapter for our company.

Following months of close working partnership, we are pleased to say that going forward all of Gin Foundry’s activities will be merged into their operations.

Moving from a team of two into a bigger home and company was not something we did lightly, nor is it something we would have considered unless there were absolute synergies in the direction in which we are all heading.

We are delighted to be integrating into their structure and feel that with their experience and insight we are ready to take our hub for gin fans to new heights. In time, this we expand our remit to include more spirits.

For those of you who don’t know them, Enotria & Coe is one of the UK’s leading premium wine and spirits distributors, with sales of over 30m bottles per annum to a huge range of prestigious customers across the country and internationally. They’ve been at the forefront of importing and distributing some of the world’s best drinks, from fine wine to exclusive spirits for over 30 years.

Passion has lead Emile and I to this point and continues to drive our thirst to do more in the spirits industry. Our mission remains the same and we as founders will remain central to operations on our platforms and at our events. We will be responsible for the direction they will take in the years ahead. This is a merging of minds, not a handover.

Is Gin Foundry Changing?

Yes but in doing so, not at all. We continue to be committed to championing craft spirits and those who make them, as well as helping enthusiasts find the perfect drink for them. We are excited that we can now do this on a larger scale and look forward to launching more ambitious and pioneering projects in the near future.

We’ve always tried to embody values of conscious consumption and journalistic integrity in the features we write, the brands we cover and the campaigns we take on. We are thrilled that our new partners share these ethics and that together, we can build a new era for our site and create original content for a generation of drinkers looking to discover more about the brands they love.

We are excited to evolve, not just to take on new challenges ourselves but also to keep the conversation around gin moving into new territories. We feel that there has been a fundamental shift in the past year and that the story of gin is no longer in the category’s hands alone. Of course, Gin has always been influenced by a range of factors and it doesn’t live in a bubble, but it has always been the master of its own future. The trends and innovations it has embraced over the past few years have steered a particular course for the category, which will continue to play out for better and for worse.

However, the new challenges and frontiers it must tackle, the new trends that will impact it and the way it is considered by the next generation of drinkers will not be solely of its own making anymore. As an editorial resource we must reflect that.

The UK is now so saturated that many of the gin distilleries who will succeed will be those who learn how to diversify and adapt to new demands and changing trends. Speaking to many of them over the past year, part of that “diversifying” is adding new spirits into their ranges. In the US Gin is on the ascent but there too, its future will be defined by how those who have traditionally made other spirits perceive gin in relation to their other products. We’re not saying there isn’t a stellar future ahead for specialists, there clearly is, just that the next chapter of gin from a commentators perspective is far more nuanced. The full picture is more reliant than ever on how other categories respond to what it has achieved in the past 15 years, than it is by what gin decides to do next on its own accord.

More broadly, the next chapter of craft distilling and the story of all those involved in it must be seen through a prism larger than that of gin alone to be understood in its fullest.

We feel that the best way to tell the story of gin and its makers in the 20’s, to keep providing insight and to keep helping drinkers understand it better, is to ensure that we present where it sits in relation to other spirits, what those are and the full spectrum of what a distillery is up to.

In this light, we as an editorial platform will pursue other spirits not just out of our own interest and curiosity, but in order to be relevant to all drinkers and be able to continue leading the discourse on what is happening within the gin category. It will also be key to our ability to accurately predict upcoming trends and help distillers navigate them, as we have for the past decade.

Will there still be a Gin Kiosk?

Absolutely and very soon, it’ll be better and bigger than ever before! From a retail perspective, we’re thrilled about the opportunity this move has to supercharge what we have done for the gin category via Gin Kiosk, as well as to take our approach to retail across other spirits too.

Plugging into to such an established trade network, state of the art warehousing system and experienced delivery team that Enotria have is something we can’t wait to push to its fullest potential. We’ve placed customer satisfaction above all else over the years and can’t wait to upgrade our ability for bespoke, speedy service even further.

Will there still be Junipalooza and tasting events?

Of course! We love our big set piece events and the smaller, more intimate gatherings. Other than Covid.19, nothing can stop us from hosting them and adding more into the calendar. We are feeling exceptionally positive about the prospects of this year’s September ‘Palooza and once we are able to assess what the medium to long term future of the events industry has in store, we’ll announce our plans for 2021.

Junipalooza has long been far more than an event for us, it is a special community of enthusiasts and a moment where professional camaraderie, dreams, passion projects and personal friendships take centre stage, lubricated by some of the greatest gins in the world. We will continue to evolve the show and progress it into a new era while staying true to the values that have seen it grow over the past seven years.

What’s next?

Through working with them over the past months, we have found that Enotria & Coe share many of the values we hold as integral to our way of thinking. We’re delighted that together we will be continuing on with an editorial programme, make world class spirits available to purchase for discerning drinkers and host cornerstone events with the same zeal as before.

To kick it all off, we’ve got our new look Kiosk website due to emerge. We’re sure that once you see the transformation, you will understand why we are so excited about the potential that lies ahead!