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Australian Distillery Map

Written by Gin Foundry

An explosion of distilleries, a line up of truly stellar makers and a Craft Gin scene that has finally bubbled over after decades of simmering, has made Australia one of the most exciting places in the world for gin fans. There is a truly astonishing amount of excellent, original, mad and unique spirits coming out of the land down under right now, so we’ve decided to drum up a little holiday enthusiasm by creating an Australian Distillery Map.

On the off chance that you don’t know which distillery is making what gin, we’ve listed the two or three most popular expressions from each within the map, that way you can see what to look out for on the shelf. As you’ll see, some go by their distillery name, others sights, locations and regions while others well… use things like Ants (actual ants - sometimes even angry ones), Shiraz and more, often going off the deep end with naming conventions!

Now before you all rush to email us with indignant rage that your favourite distillery isn’t listed, let us put our hands up to the fact that we simply can’t keep up with the speed at which the industry is moving. It wasn’t a snub, nor was it deliberate. It’s tough to keep track with everyone and everything in this constantly evolving industry, and with a new Australian distillery seemingly opening every week, we can’t help but miss a few.

If you do notice any missing – even those that are just shy of their first release – let us know! We love to hear about all that’s going on in the Gin world, so any omissions will be added onto Version Two – due to be released at the end of this year at Junipalooza Melbourne.

So why did we do an Australian Distillery Map?

Gin tourism is the subsidiary industry that is well and truly on the rise. In England and Scotland it’s huge, so it only makes sense, given the sheer amount of distilleries in Australia, that it’s bound to take off there too. As far as we’re concerned, open door distilleries are a fantastic thing: they encourage complete transparency between maker and drinker and help consumers to see and understand the sheer amount of work that goes into creating a spirit.

We hope to encourage more people to seek out their local makers and to be proud to have such a wonderfully creative industry in their home town.

Another reason we did this was just to simply show how big the Gin scene has grown in Australia to the wider international audience. It’s well known locally, if still a little undervalued by the everyday drinker. That said, if you think all of your friends know about “how cool gin has become” in the Uk, Australians are equally well aware of their growing craft scene with many starting to support it by ordering local at the bar. Yet, despite this, we frequently come up against raised eyebrows when it comes to celebrating the smaller Aussie success stories more broadly in the US and across Europe.

We can understand why though - It can be hard to see past the marquee names that have been able to secure great distribution. They cast formidable shadows and are the makers of world class gins, but take our word for it, it’s really worth delving into the country’s lesser known collections too – the scene is vibrant, diverse and boundlessly exciting in its depth.

There are so many exceptional makers (both new and established) within the region that we - as some of the loudest cheerleaders in the industry - feel duty bound to start waving our pompoms in their direction. Wider international acclaim is warranted, not just from organisations and award bodies either, but by everyday fans and by distributors looking for the new and exciting.

Trust us, the ones you’d heard of are simply the tip of the iceberg.

Download the Australian Distillery Map, share it widely and proudly to help spread the message of this amazing scene, and start remembering the names as you’ll be hearing a lot more about them soon…


Australia Distillery Map 2018

Australia Distillery Map 2018