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Blend Your Own - The Next Steps

Written by Gin Foundry

While outwardly we may have only been mumbling about advances to our BYO project, behind the scenes we’ve been working hard to evolve the project for 2019. Now, bottles polished, strings pulled and content written, we’re set to reveal the next steps, including a brand new website. Blend Your Own is all grown up!

What is BYO?

Blend Your Own is a concept with many applications. It is, in short, a series of botanical distillates that you can blend together to create your very own Gin, safe in the confines of your home.

It’s a bit more universal than that, though - if making your gin sounds like far too much effort (lazy! It’s so, so worth it), then you can use each distillate as a mightily-boozy liquid garnish, either to enhance existing gins or to bump up a certain flavour on a cocktail. They are, essentially, beautifully distilled, naturally flavoured vodkas, so their uses are limitless.

BYO will also provide you with the chance to get your hands on some truly rare, brilliant gins cooked up by those who know almost all there is to know about the spirit. We’ll be selling bespoke blends made by us, our friends and our colleagues, and we’ll be sharing ideas and inspiration for crazy flavour combinations to try out.

What have we been doing?

First off - a lot of distilling! It’s taken a fair bit of keeping up to ensure that we are keeping shelves stocked. That aside, we’ve been putting in place all the elements fans have been asking for and all the ideas that we have wanted to do since the start of this journey. These are…

A microsite: BYOGin.com

We’ve created a little microsite for BYO so that the entire range, as well as explanations and inspiration for what you could do with it, was all captured in one place. Recipes, inspirations, ideas and a shop will be combined into one neat site, which will grow throughout this month and as the year progresses.

The eventual aim is to have a polished hub where you can drill down into all the facets of the range and the project as a whole. We want to show you quite how important the Y in BYO is. This is your baby - these distillates are here to let you be as creative as you want to be.

Recipe ideas and start points:

We’ve shared a few recipe ideas here on Gin Foundry, but it seems that BYO’ers are more into the ‘kit assembly’ than the free play area of building. Basically, we’ve learnt that you want license to create, but you don’t want the freedom to make something… awful. To help keep you on the right path, we’ve put together ready-t0-blend sets, using three of our favourite, well-balanced recipes, as well as a recipe for each flavour group, be that citrus, spiced, floral etc.

Once we have hosted the BYO Tasting night here at Gin Foundry - there’s still space if you want to join us - we’ll be adding even more recipes (including some that we might well ‘borrow’ from the minds of our guests)…

Signature blends:

We’ve had more than a few guests who have tasted some of the gins we’ve made using BYO distillates and just wanted to have those - ready to drink straight out of the bottle (well not literally, have some decorum…). We listened, we’ve blended and we’re bottling these babies up as we type.

We’ll be releasing our favourite blends as ready made gins, as well as the accompanying recipes for those who already have the distillates. The idea isn’t to replace the distillates, but to showcase just how brilliant they can be. You’ll see just how easy it is to make something brilliant with our BYO sets, with the first - named Tetris Mastermind - a fantastic all-rounder, with huge juniper, a vibrant citrus burst and a floral explosion. A little spice, too, ’cause that’s always nice…

A big thank you…

To all those who supported our successful Kickstarter campaign and backed the BYO idea when it was but a twinkle in our eyes. You backed it without all the accompanying swanky branding, images or ideation - just on pure trust that it was cool and that something special was being attempted - THANK YOU.

We could not have done this without you and by helping us turn it into a reality, you’ve allowed us to take it into the next gear.  The campaign wasn’t a way of generating traction - we literally had no idea if anyone else would be interested in blending their own gin at home, nor could we afford to do it alone and distill 32 ingredients to release a range. Your faith, interest and pre-orders made it possible.

We hope you like the evolution and can see what work we’ve been doing to turn this concept into something more fully fledged. We look forward to showing you just what BYO can be, and once this phase is embedded, we’ll start ramping up some nifty little packages in time for Christmas.

For now - have a look at the Microsite!