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Double Juniper!

Sipsmith Gin Logo
Written by Gin Foundry

Two Birds Countryside Spirit have recently announced their latest member to their ever-growing gin family; an exclusive on-trade only Cocktail Gin. This latest offering involves more juniper than their original London Dry, which means according to the brand - that in a cocktail, the juniper is able to stand it’s ground and lead the way.

Two Birds felt the need to expand their range of gins in order to help bartenders and mixologists with their work, whilst keeping to their original botanical profile. It is worth noting that the ABV percentage is not any higher here than with their original gin: the only thing that has changed is the distilling process that has been manipulated with the specific intent to bring out the individual flavours.

This method is done through a first cold maceration of the botanicals, before then controlling and manipulating the heat output of the still in order to manage the timing of the release of certain essential oils.

Mark Gamble, co-owner and Master Distiller of Leicestershire-based Two Birds, built the copper still ‘Gerard’ from scratch, back when his distillery was just starting out, in 2012. With a background in engineering, it is no wonder that Mark likes to experiment around with his gin and produce some variations like this one. The still was specifically designed so that he can change the heat during the distillation process and for him to have the flexibility to alter the flavour profile as a result.

Just by coincidence…

London based Sipsmith must have been distilling from the same juniper source, for they too have recently released their ‘V.J.O.P ‘ variant on their London Dry gin. It seems more juniper definitely better!

However, unlike Two Birds, Sipsmith’s Very Junipery Over Proof Gin has a higher alcohol content (at 57.7% ABV) than it’s relative and is being sold for the consumer and trade alike. Vamping up their presence of juniper means that those who like to have their G&T’s with a juniper forward nose and taste can do so without having to compromise on the rest of the botanical profile.

Jared Brown, master distiller at Sipsmith, used a ‘triple juniper’ method which meant that he had to add the botanical to the distillate at three various stages. Much more juniper was added to Sipsmith’s winter contribution at the start than with their usual gin, with more berries being added to the pot-still after the three-day maceration period had ended. Finally the last touch is given through the addition of the vapour infused juniper from their steam basket inside the still. This altogether goes to make one hell of a juniper banging operation.

Two Birds Cocktail Gin can be brought from Two Birds, Union Distillers Ltd either as one single bottle or in cases of six. Catch them on sales@twobirdsspirits.co.uk or 01858414256.

Sipsmith’s latest creation, V.J.O.P can be brought online for £39.95 (70cl) by clicking here.