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G&T Garnish Wheel

G&T Garnish Wheel
Written by Gin Foundry

Having launched our Tasting Wheels 6 months ago, a regular request we receive in our inbox is if we could make it available in a bigger size. After all, a slightly smaller than A3 wheel is too small to take pride of place above a mantle piece.

So, with the continuous barrage of requests for a plus size model to make an appearance, we set to work on creating a glorious 59cm x 42cm version.

We felt that a giant, multicoloured circle wasn’t enough to be both visually exciting and rich in content for something of that scale however. A larger scale poster needed something else to add a new dimension. Bigger isn’t necessarily always better so we set about thinking just what could be added to enrich the poster but that was also fitting for the original intentions of the tasting wheel. We wanted to create something specifically designed for that scale and a print we’d like to see framed on our walls here at HQ.

The G&T Garnish Wheel was born. We’ve improved our tasting wheel by illustrating garnishes using botanicals from each of the sections. The aim is two fold. Firstly, they look beautiful and the combination of the garnishes and the wheel is an engaging, dynamic print suitable for any back bar, home or office. Secondly, we hope that in doing so, the poster provides inspiration for what to do with botanicals in the context of the most popular gin cocktail, the Gin & Tonic. If you are looking to accentuate a flavour or contrast another, there are 15 suggestions surrounding the wheel for what you could do to bring that into your drink.

We’ve printed it on our signature texture stock, giving it a luxurious feel. It is available in 2 colours, navy blue and eggshell white and is now available on our shop, here, for £16.95.

G&T Garnish Wheel