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Gin Annual Square 1
Written by Gin Foundry

Picture the scene: It’s Boxing Day. Everyone’s buggered off and you are finally alone, a month’s worth of leftovers in the fridge and more booze than you’d find in a student house sitting in the cupboard. Better booze, mind, you’re not an animal. Mariah Carey is still trilling in the background, the fire is roaring and the sofa is calling… It’s time to mute the diva, play some proper music, make a Negroni and a rifle through the 2019 Gin Annual.

Carrying on our meet the maker ethos, the Gin Annual is packed with interviews with distillers. We really pick at their brains as we seek to understand not only how they do what they do, but why. How many incarnations did a particular gin have before the final recipe was decided? What are the pitfalls of jumping into an arguably busy market? What are the perks?

We spoke to Australian gin makers from Patient Wolf and Kangeroo Island Spirits to find out more about what makes them different. Closer to home, Southwestern’s Tarquin Leadbetter and Sherlock and Sons Distiller, Simon Sherlock, spoke about their growing distilleries. Italian gin, VII Hill’s, co-founder Danilo Tersigni, Indian Jaisalmer’s President Sanjeev Banga and Bobby’s Gin founder Sebastiaan Vanbokkel from Holland all added their voices to help depict a global, all encompassing perspective. Not content with talking just about gin, we looked towards the mixers for more insight, catching up with the entrepreneurial Double Dutch co-founder Raissa de Hass, as well as Jason Sennitt from Merchant’s Heart to get their opinions on where it is all heading…

Flick through the pages to find out all about the passion that runs beneath some of the world’s best gins, but be warned: you might start getting ideas about making your own.

This year we celebrated a whole decade of Craft Gin in the UK. Yep, it’s been 10 full years since the ink dried on Sipsmith’s deal with HMRC, helping to ring in the changes that would allow small-scale distilling to flourish. The industry has grown, twisted, contorted and evolved so much that it’s barely recognisable anymore, so we really sought to gather up all of the different angles and accents before they disappear into the wind.

To do so, we’ve gathered all of the really important news from the past year, almanac style, and pasted it across a couple of easily digestible pages – there’s no chance of you missing anything that happened. We’ve also dusted off our crystal balls and looked ahead to the coming year – with Brexit still, somehow, looming on the horizon, a lot is static in the UK, but there are still a few surprises in store for makers and drinkers of Gin.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve even reviewed some excellent gins, new and old, and worked hard to capture the trends of the year, be that gin in a tin, the rise of Indian Gin or the Pink Gin phenomenon. As always, our focus was to look beyond the headline and share what it all means, not just what happened. We have tried to capture it all – the good, the bad and the in-between – and we’re very confident that any Gin fan would be thrilled to fins this under the tree.

The Annual is for life, not just for Christmas, but there really is something quite magical about receiving a book during that period away from emails, isn’t there? A real, necessary digital detox.