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Gin Kiosk’s Ginvent Pop-Up is Back!

Ginvent Pop-Up
Written by Gin Foundry

Gin Kiosk is opening a Ginvent Pop-Up Christmas shop to the heart of London, taking a two week slot in Old Street Station.

Anyone keen on a location tour of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol would do well to take themselves on a walk around the City of London. Many of the dwellings, offices and ghostly visits of a certain Ebenezer Scrooge take place within the EC postcode, a locale that is still – a hundred or so years on – the beating heart of the city’s financiers, lawyers and other reprobates.

The difference between now and then, of course, is our connection. London is an intermingled society. The poor and rich live on opposite sides of the same street, and the bright, young fun-seeking, art-making hipsters of the city drink in the same pubs as the suits. A penchant for fine food, carefully crafted cocktails and bad dancing has united us, with the entire area surrounding Old Street tube in particular a clashing cosmos of colours and chaos.

When Gin Kiosk were looking for a location for this year’s Ginvent Pop-Up, the call of Shoreditch was strong and the City of London tube station, with it’s rumble of trains and tumble of people, was the first choice.

The small but perfectly formed boutique is going to be a fairy-lit Gin paradise, with all 24 gins from the Ginvent Calendar on sale (and the calendar itself, of course), as well as a range of other Gin Foundry products, from books, to tasting wheels to posters and Blend Your Own Gin sets. We all love a one stop shop for all things gin in the lead up to Christmas, but that is just the start…

There will also be lots of visits from featured Gin brands over the weeks, all of whom will roll-up with a bag full of samples and a head full of Gin facts. You’ll be able to learn all about each distillery’s history and production as you sip your way through its oeuvre. And if that’s not enough, there will also be a quick-serve, pit-stop cocktail bar that Gin Kiosk is opening!

The key thing all Londoner’s have in common is that there just isn’t any time. You want to meet a friend for a coffee? Best get your diary out and pick a date about six weeks into the future. Teaming up with the team at Franklin & Sons to transform this pop-up space, this bar will totally cater to those needs. It’s the perfect post work hidey hole for a quick en-route cocktail, and it’ll be a delicious cocktail at that, with G&Ts (naturally), Negronis and a host of signature serves on the menu.

Set your diaries and start making your excuses as to why you needed to leave work early, but made it home late… The Gin Kiosk Ginvent Pop-Up will open from Monday 26th November – Saturday 8th December*, from 1pm until 10pm.

Address: Unit 2, Old Street Station.

* The Ginvent Pop-Up will not open on Sunday 2nd December.