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Hot Gin Punch

Written by Gin Foundry

Hot gin Punch is one of winter’s little gifts. A naughty little indulgence that’s oh-so-enjoyable to make, serve and share between friends on a cold day. They’ve come a long way in this modern era of Gin too, evolving from the few and far between recipes that are complex to make (but delicious) and usually inspired by Dickens, to a slew of new ideas for warming, comforting and easy to rustle up at home cocktails.

We served a few at our Ginvent pop-up in Old Street and try as we did, we could never seem to fill the urn faster than it was being depleted… In the weeks since, we’ve had numerous requests to put the recipes up online so that others could try their hand at recreating them for themselves. And so, with no further ado:

Whether you’re planning a party or wanting to fill a Thermos to keep you going on a bracing winter walk, here are three ideas that are bursting with flavour.


50ml Hayman’s Sloe Gin

125ml Red Wine (try Madeira wine if you want to turbo charge the recipe!)

1 teaspoon Honey

Dash Allspice

Top tip - Garnish your glass with apple slivers and a cinnamon stick, but don’t be afraid to bung them into the mix if you are making a bigger batch and let them steep into it. We also quite like adding some orange slices when making a larger batch too, as the citrus cuts through some of the sweetness and adds a layer of enticing aroma…

Hot Gin Gimlet

45mls Hayman’s Royal Dock

50mls Rose’s Lime Cordial

20mls Ginger Syrup (use Monin if you need to)

150mls Boiling Water

1 drop of Javier De Las Muelas Ginger Droplets

Garnish with a Squeezed wedge of fresh lime


Gin Foundry’s adapted version

(less Hot Gimlet, more firey winter warmer)

50mls Hayman’s Royal Dock Gin

30mls Rose’s Lime Cordial

20mls Home made Ginger Syrup*

150mls Boiling Water

Garnish with a Squeezed wedge of fresh lime

*To make the Ginger syrup, juice ginger and then add demerara sugar and a dash of water to taste. Fresh ginger juice makes for the most wonderfully piquant, warming ingredient hot gin punch has ever seen.

A few rules to help you make the most of your punch, no matter the recipe.

Don’t boil the mix, the booze will just evaporate off and the resulting drink will be underwhelming. A gentle warm will suffice and stop before you it starts to steam. Ideally, keep a lid on and vessel or pan you are using to prepare it all in too.

Add the booze in last. It’s much easier and cheaper to add Gin to taste at the end and once everything else is perfectly balanced, than to start with gin and build from there. It simply means that in the worst case scenario and in the case of a mishap - getting it wrong means throwing some syrup and hot water down the drain

Take your time. Mulling, infusing and preparing is not just faff when it comes to hot gin punch, consider it part of the ritual! It takes time for spices to infuse and there’s no way of fast forwarding this process with the same impact.

Try not to use powdered spice. Not only is it harder to dose compared to adding a stick or root and tasting over time - it tends to sit at the bottom of the glass, to be slurped on the last sip with less than enjoyable results, not the ideal way to finish a cup!

Hot gin punches are easy to make and with the above recipes, you’ll be on your way to making a delicious serve for all to enjoy this winter. If however, you’d rather someone else did the making. The team from Hayman’s are hosting an OPEN DAY on Saturday 15th December from 2 - 6pm where they will have a few festive offerings for all to enjoy!