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Ginvent Calendar 2018
Written by Gin Foundry

Every night during Ginvent, at 7.30pm, we will be gathering around the Twittersphere to share tasting notes. This is an all-inclusive Gin geek community: we want everyone to take part.

All you need to do to join the conversation is tag your tweets with #Ginvent, with the only ‘golden rule’ to take part (other than tasting the gin of the day!) is to be respectful both of others opinions and of the makers behind the gins you are tasting. It’s not a Brexit forum, it’s a gin tasting after all…

If you want to follow a few highlights of the nightly tasting, follow @ginfoundry for reminders and tasting advice, but basically, the nightly #Ginvent dram’athon goes like this…

7.30pm. Nosing.

Pour a splash of the day’s gin into your glass. Swirl it around a little, then breathe the aroma in deep. Disregard your first impression -it’ll just be an alcoholic burn. Allow your nose to get used to the sensation, then breathe it in again. Try to hunt out different flavour areas: from piney juniper, to citrus, to spice, to floral to herbal. See if you can drill down further to work out what the flavours may be.

Don’t just think in general terms – let us know what it reminds you of too, be that fresh cut grass, bonfires or orchards.

7.35pm (ish). Tasting.

Take a quick sip of the gin. This, again, can be approached like the nosing. It’s going to vaguely burny right off the bat, but hold it on your tongue as long as possible. Swallow it, then take another sip. This one will be calmer, and you should be able to taste everything a little clearer. Again, try to hunt out separate flavour groups.

Does it remind you of any other gins? Or any foods? Can you taste fruits? Flowers? Share your first impressions with abandon – there are no wrong answers here. So many botanicals share similar chemical compounds, so some things serve as wonderful reminders of others.

7.40pm (ish). Time for Tonic.

Add the last of the gin to your glass, then top up with ice and tonic. This, really, is how the gin was designed to be drunk. Yes, trying it neat unfurls all of its secrets, but it’s in a G&T in which it shines. How has the taste evolved? Which of the botanicals are louder when the gin is diluted?

7.45pm (ish). Overall Impressions.

Did you like the gin? Love it? Loathe it? How would you recommend serving it? Are you clamouring to try it again? Let us know!

7.50pm. Fin.

There are 24 days, so the nightly tasting is short and sweet (or fast and furious depending on the dram!). The aim is to share a few experiences, live, and see what others thought too so most will peel off at this point. Of course, if you want to continue on afters please do so.


Now, if it just so happens that you love a good spoiler, or if you’d like to get all of your garnishes ready ahead of time, we’ve built a new website around the Ginvent Calendar. Head to Ginvent.net and click on the door of the day. This’ll not only let you know what gin you’re about to taste, it’ll tell you how best to serve it. Handy!

There’s still time too and if you haven’t got yours yet - you can buy your Ginvent Calendar here.

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