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Martini Forecaster

Written by Gin Foundry

Gin with a chance of Vermouth…

Quite often at Gin Foundry HQ when heading out for the evening, we ask ourselves the same two questions. Do we need an umbrella or will a coat suffice? What kind of Martini should we order first? Martinis and the British weather are both things, amongst other topics, that we talk at length about here.

This may be a trivial first world problem but we decided to take action in the face of such adversity in only the way we knew how. Walk fast and ask the bartender to recommend their preferred serve? No. We designed something far better and a completely over elaborate solution to the problem we faced. We’ve made our very own Martini Forecaster to gauge our mood as it evolves and themed it after a weather forecast. Yes, this is both absurd and amazing in equal measure, we know.

For a limited time only… you too can have this intricately designed and quirky piece of design by downloading it via the link below. It’s free of course – anything we can do to simplify ordering your ultimate Martini!

If you want to know more about the history of the Martini, whether to shake or stir and which variation is called what… we’ve also written two articles on the infamous cocktail.

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