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The 2018 Ginvent Calendar - What’s in the Box? (No Spoilers!)

Ginvent Calendar 2018
Written by Gin Foundry

The 2018 Ginvent Calendar is locked and loaded with some of the best Craft Gins in the world, and it is – if we do say so ourselves – one of the best looking in town, too, sharing the warm, 70s tones of every shop window display currently dotting the landscape. The Ginvent Calendar itself is a window – one that peers into every nook, cranny and nuance of the Gin category.

We’re sharing no spoilers and naming no names here (if you’re the sort that has to turn to the back page before you finish the book, head here for some namedropping), but we’ll make like the riddler and give you as much information as possible about the calendar whilst relaying absolutely no information at all.

We can tell you it has four Navy Strength Gins (more on this later), a couple of fruit gins (one high ABV, one liqueur), some exquisitely small batch stuff (read tiny runs), a grain-to-glass beast and an exclusive, made-for-the-calendar Limited Edition from one of the most revered distilleries to have come out of the recent Gin boom. That exclusive, incidentally, is also part of a much bigger narrative about predicting the next big trend in Gin and given the last time we did it the bottles sold out by lunchtime on the day it launched… Well, stay tuned for more…

They called us insane six years ago. They still called us mad five years ago, even though Jo Malone and Lego had joined the alternative advent movement. Today, there are a lot of competitors on the market and sure, if you’re just going for the fun, Advent element of opening up a door and receiving any old Gin to put in your glass at the end of the day, perhaps this is the wrong place for you.

However, if you’re looking to explore, and we mean really explore, the world of Craft Gin and join a community of gin geeks eager to share their opinions and hear yours; if you want to taste gins that don’t already proliferate every back bar, or even Gins that don’t exist anywhere else at all, then Gin Foundry’s Ginvent Calendar is the one for you. As a snapshot of the category it covers all grounds: we’ve got Compound Gin, Vapour Infused Gin, Cask Aged Gin, Fruit Gin, Old Tom Gin, London Dry Gin, Navy Strength Gin…

And while we’re back on the topic of Navy Strengths, our calendar admittedly comes in at the higher end of the price spectrum. A little bit of maths, though, shows that to be for good reason: A certain supermarket is selling a Gin calendar for £60. In the mix are a great deal of liqueurs and massive high-street brands made thousands of bottles a time, making the cumulative value of the box worth half the face value. This is pretty standard practice across the board, but ours, with four Navy Strengths (over twice the ABV of a liqueur) in the mix, featuring gins with a genuinely traceable provenance and including small distilleries just getting started, has contents that add up to well over a hundred smackers.

This is our sixth year making the Ginvent Calendar, and with practice comes perfection. We’ve chosen so many different gins along the way, many who used the calendar as a launching platform, driving themselves from little known local Gin to national sensation. We don’t shy away from asking questions and poking our nose into other maker’s businesses, so we always feature makers we trust and Gins that we think are absolutely worth your time. More importantly, a curated selection must include something for everyone and Ginvent always delivers something to cater for all tastes. We always say that the Ginvent Calendar provides a picture of the Gin world as it looks today, but it also takes a pretty good shot at showcasing those who will still be around in the years to follow.

To go alongside this year’s calendar, we’ve produced a handy little guidebook with our sister shop, Gin Kiosk. This will give you some insight into the daily gin, as well as some serving suggestions. We are the only calendar producing a guide of any kind - and we feel it helps drinkers keep track of the gins they liked, scoring them along the way so you know which ones to go back and get at the end.

We think this is one of the best and most exciting years yet, and we hope that everyone who joins us on our 2018 Ginvent Calendar journey feels the same.

You can order the 2018 Ginvent Calendar here.