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The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Gin Geek in your Life

Written by Gin Foundry

You’ve decked the halls with boughs of holly and done more than your fair share of Mariah wail-alongs, so now it’s time to get the presents in. Lucky for you, we’ve trawled the web, tasted the gins (naturally) and indulged in the sights and sounds of Christmas to bring you a gift guide worthy of King Juniper of Juniper Hill. We even transformed it into a handy PDF should you wish to download it and distribute it around the house like an ‘I WANT THIS PLEASE’ flyer…

1. Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin. £55.
Four Pillars’ Master Distiller Cam uses his late mum’s Christmas pudding recipe for this incredibly sentimental seasonal gin. Just one palate of the stuff was shipped to the UK, so order quick!

2. That Boutique-y Gin Company Yuletide Gin. £35.
This product is entirely ridiculous and that’s the point. The a gingerbread house, Christmas tree and frankincense amongst the botanicals, as well as actual gold sparkles floating around in the bottle. It’s totally, stupidly delicious as well…

3. PUD PUD Gin. £36.
Puddingstone Distillery has also got in on the Christmas pudding action, sending their beautiful gin vapours flying through the desserts to soak up the goodness. Exquisitely flavoured and ludicrously tasty, this is another one you might just keep for yourself…

4. Martin Miller’s 26 Moons. £95.
Those chaps over at Martin Miller’s take cask ageing to a whole new art form, leaving their gin in one of the longest maturations in recent times - 26 months - to soak up oaky goodness from a Madeira barrel stored in the icy depths of Iceland.

5. VonShef Brushed Gold Parisian Cocktail Set. £27.99.
Bonjour mademoiselle! This is a genuinely stunning little cocktail set that looks a lot, lot more expensive than its RRP. It’s pretty handy, too, with some sturdy tools thrown into the mix. You might just keep this one for yourself…

6. Pickering’s Gin Baubles. £30.
These nostalgic, colourful, booze-filled baubles are a fantastic addition to any festive household. They’re fun, frivolous and extraordinarily silly. We love them. We have them.

7. Barra Crackers. £29.
This six pack of cracker is Barra’s first foray into Christmas, and we’re all for it! The marbled effect is particularly pretty and Each cracker comes with a 25ml mini of the gin , so your Christmas dinner tipple is sorted! 

8. Eden Mill’s 12 Gins of Christmas. £69.
The 12 days of Christmas set from Eden Mill is a luxury box set, featuring 12 fantastic tipples from the Scottish distillery, along with two tulip gin glasses, a book telling the lucky recipient the story behind each gin and a gift voucher for a tour of their facilities. Actual bargain. 

9. Slingsby Experience Box. £18.
These three gins cover a lot of ground, with the London Dry offering bursts of rhubarb and grapefruit, the Navy Strength bringing an earthy profile and the Rhubarb offering a nostalgic sweetshop feel.

10. Rock Rose Seasonal Editions Gift Pack. £20.
Give a little taste of spring, summer, autumn and winter with this gift pack from Rock Rose. Each little bottle is crammed with local, seasonal Scottish ingredients.


11. Gin & Tonic Infusion Set. £17.50. Sous Chef.
This little gem of a kit, packed out with rose petals, star anise, timut pepper and cardamom, is as multi-functional as a Swiss army knife (well, almost). You can use it both to liven up a G&T, or to create your very own batch.

12. The Ivy Centenary Gin. £50.
As part of its centenary celebrations, swanky restaurant The Ivy partnered up with Chase Distillery and John Lewis to create this super-lux gin, designed to make a superb Martini. Comes in a great gift box too.

13. Gordon Castle. £18.
Treat your nearest and dearest to three very different styles of gin, all from the same family. The plum is a real contender and perfect for a cheese platter accompaniment.

14. Doctor’s Order, Hardie Grant. £12.99.
Rammed with photography (from our favourite and the brilliant Giles Christopher no less) so crisp you’ll be wanting to drink the page and filled to the brim with drinks you hadn’t quite thought of making before, this is a cocktail book you’ll reach for again. And again.

15. Star Gin Set, Il Gusto. £28.00.
With multiple fruit gins in the range, these cute little tipples are a fantastic stocking filler for the drinker amongst you, and just as tasty as they are cute. 

16. The Cocktail Book, British Library. £8.99
Bring History lessons to life with this gorgeous reproduction of this 1900 cocktail book. Readers can discover how Whisky Sours, Mint Juleps and Tom Collins’ were being served all through the Prohibition.

17. Brighton Gin mini, £23.
A handbag sized edition of the seaside classic, Brighton Gin. This is beautiful little package, and at perfect tasting size. Also, look at that colour! That’s a pricy looking present…

18. Gin necklace, Esa Evans. £23.
We bumped into Esa at a craft fair and fell completely in love with her entire collection. The rose gold ‘gin’ necklace, however, took the cake. By far the best gin themed swag there is out there - It’s primo, and a sure fire hit for anyone who wants to wear their love for juniper with pride. 

18. Gin Brooch, Esa Evans. £13.50.
Same goes for this brooch, which is just about as cute as they come and unisex enough for you to buy one for everyone you know (we know this because we have been fighting over it in this office).

19.  Silent Pool Christmas Spirit Candle. £35.
This smells so unbelievably gorgeous that you’ll genuinely struggle not to eat it. Juniper, cloves, cinnamon and orange dominate the nose – it’s sweet, mulled, festive deliciousness that’ll make your house smell richer than Bill Gates.

20. Rose Gin. £30.
Made for the Queen’s 90th Birthday, this pretty in pink rise gin is will appeal to all the flower-seeking royalists in your life. Silent Pool reccommend serving with a frozen pear cube garnish. Yes please.

21. Silent Pool Christmas Mist. £10.
This liquid garnish is up there with the best of them for Gin geek stocking fillers. A quick spritz atop a G&T will unleash the smells and tastes of Christmas. It’s superbly orange-y and entirely innovative.

22. Spiegelau G&T Glasses. £30.
We come bearing tidings of good drinking. These glasses have been perfectly manufactured to serve a banging G&T, with room to cram in all the garnishes you want and get a right face full of botanical loveliness. Gin-ius.