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The Ultimate Gin Soaked Gift Guide

Ginvent 2016 with drams
Gift Guide feature
Written by Gin Foundry

Christmas isn’t coming, it’s here. There, we said it. You say it too. It’s best to get this out in the open. The lights are up, the opportunity to buy wooden ties from Bavarian huts up and down the country is rife (quick question… has anyone ever actually bought a wooden tie?), its impossible to go to the supermarket without accidentally buying 8kg of chocolate and we can’t stop humming Last Christmas.

Though generally a season of joy and good will, Christmas also brings with it the panic to rule them all: present buying. Not to worry though, we’ve scouted around to find the very best gin gifts you can buy (or in reverse, the best wish list you could leave lying around the house…).


Pothecary Gin & Chocolate Set £25

Pothecary Gin has collaborated with Chocolate by Miss Witt to create this very exclusive gift set. Using some of the botanicals and distillates found in Pothecary Gin, Kerry Witt has created two extremely unique and gourmet chocolates. Buy it HERE.

Sibling Gift Set £19

Two ever-so-pretty 5cl bottles of Sibling Gin are boxed alongside a selection of truffles made using both the gin and the gin’s botanicals. Vanilla, lemon and white chocolate ganache combine to make an unutterably delicious gift. Buy it HERE.

Gin and Tonic Gourmet Sweets £9.95

Bitter-sweet and beautifully packaged, these G&T sweets are an excellent stocking filler for those of a ginny disposition. Click HERE to go through to Not on the High Street.

Plus these goodies…

Gin & Chocolate Collection. £20. Hotel Chocolate.

Smith & Sinclair Cocktail Pastilles. £10. Available via Not on the Highstreet.

Pinkster Boozy Berries. £6. Available from 31Dover.com

Raisthorpe Manner Sloe Gin & Chocolate Shot Cups. £26. Available at Not on the Highstreet.

JoeSeph’s Gin & Tonic Gourmet Popcorn & Caramel Sauce. £12. Not on the Highstreet.



Eden Mill’s The 12 Gins of Christmas £69

The chaps at Eden Mill have created a superbly luxury package, with 12 creatively curated spirits served up in 5cl bottles, alongside two very pretty tulip glasses and a voucher to attend their gin experience. It’s all presented in a very sleek box, too, so while at the higher end of the price range, it’s going to give you untold brownie points! Buy it directly from EDEN MILL.

Pickering’s Triple Tipple Gin Gift Set £17

A three pack of miniatures, containing 5cl Pickering’s Gin, 5cl Pickering’s Naval Strength & 5cl Pickering’s Original 1947 Gin. Everything this distillery puts out stretches the Gin category a step further. Their core range is an ideal stocking filler. Buy the set HERE.

Bloody Shiraz £38.50

The crossover between gin and wine culture is bringing with it some truly exemplary spirits. Bloody Shiraz, by Australian makers Four Pillars, is a deliciously sweet and supple sipper with a sweetness that masks its 37.8% ABV. This is a perfect Christmas Day drink, but don’t give Granny too much…  Buy it from GIN KIOSK.

Edinburgh Gin Cocktail Set £45

It’s been around for a few years now, but this cocktail kit form Edinburgh Distillery comes with all the necessary cocktail making tools, along with a recipe book and 2 x 20cl bottles of Edinburgh Gin. Get it HERE.

9 Moons £39.95
Martin Miller's 9 Moons Gin

Martin Miller’s classic styling have been given the barrel treatment, resulting in a mellow, yellow tipple of such rarity that the recipient will be hard pushed to open it. They should, though, because it’s delicious. Get it HERE.

There are also gifts for…

…The cocktail connoseieur: Sipsmith Gin & Embossed Spirit Measurer. £15. From WAITROSE CELLAR

…The classic with a twist kind: Slinsby Gin. £40. Sold by GIN KIOSK.

…The curious G&T drinker: 3/4oz Tonic Syrup. £10. Available via HERE.

…The green fingered (and gin-soaked): Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Hothouse Gift Set £20. Available HERE.

…The wannabe sommelier: Ferdinands Saar Gold Cap. £98. From GIN KIOSK.

…The tinsel hoarder: Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin. £33.85. Available from SACRED.

…The adventurous bourbon fan: Long Table Bourbon Barrel Aged. £38. Available from GIN KIOSK.

…The up-cycler: Rock Rose Winter Edition. £37.40. Available from ROCK ROSE.

…The friend that thinks she’s a real life mermaid: Wight Mermaid’s Gin. Available HERE.

…The New Year’s Resolution maker: Minus 33 Gin. £33. Buy from MINUS 33

…The environmentalist: Dodds Gin. £37. Buy from THE LONDON DISTILLERY COMPANY.

…The bottle collector. Bishop’s Gin. £34.oo Available at Gin KIOSK.

…The staycation ambassador. Cotswolds Dry Gin. £34.95. Available HERE.

…The cocktail King/Queen. 58 Gin Negroni. £20. Available from 58 GIN.

…The collector. Tarquin’s The Tonquin. £35. Available HERE.

…The experimental. City of London Taster Selection. £30. Available from CITY OF LONDON.

…The Christmas fanatics. Sipsmith Mince Pie Gin Set. £20. Available from SIPSMITH.


Molecular Gin Necklace £100

Uber gin geeks rejoice, for Gin Monkey has teamed up with Science Jewellery to create molecular necklaces representing gin and tonic. The necklaces, priced at £100 each, represent the molecular structure of both juniper and quinine and are undoubtedly a step up from the BFF necklaces of your childhood. Buy them from SCIENCE JEWELLERY. 

Gin Annual £15

The Gin Annual 2016 is perfect Christmas reading material for any gin fan. It’s packed with information on the spirit, interviews with makers and predictions for what’s to come. There’s also a handy distillery map of the UK, so you can get planning your summer holidays… Buy it HERE.

Christmas Jumper £30

Oh, we love this! It’s a pun, you see. And it’s related to both Christmas AND Gin, two of our favourite things. This Oakdene Designs jumper will let you wear your gin love with pride over the festive season. If you feel like ordering us one too… Buy it HERE.

Gin: Shake, Muddle, Stir. £8. Waterstones.

Dan Jones’ book is one of the most wonderfully designed cocktail books we’ve encountered. It’s sharp, cool and uncomplicated and will be a great present for both the gin freaks and the design freaks amongst you. Buy it from WATERSTONES.

Not to mention these treats…

Gilbert & George Gin Necklace. £40. TATTY DEVINE. 

a little book on… gins, tonics and garnishes. £5. GIN KIOSK.

Gin Tea Pot. £68. ETSY.

Gin & Tonic print. From £10. ETSY.

Gin Hot Water Bottle Cover. £25. NOT ON THE HIGHSTREET.

Gin String Lights. £25. TRUFFLE SHUFFLE.