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Why offer sales at a time of uncertainty?

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Written by Gin Foundry

Unprecedented, unchartered, extraordinary and lots of other adjectives (usually far gloomier) are being used to describe the state of affairs around the world currently. We know first-hand that it’s a difficult time for those of us here in hospitality, but it’s also a difficult time for everyone else too.

We at Gin Foundry and Gin Kiosk are constantly focussed on putting the drinker first. We also try to do what we can to support the brands that make Gin such an amazing category by championing them with one, and facilitating a route to market on their behalf with the other.

With Covid.19 placing everyone under massive pressure - we want to help and have been looking at various options. We have come to a decision on what the best way for us, a family based site and specialist retailer, can do.

We’re proud to announce that for the next three weeks, we’re going to offer 20% off any purchase made on Gin Kiosk for a select group of independent producers.

Why? We feel that with all businesses feeling the squeeze, things are going to be a little tighter for everyone and the best thing we can do is reduce barriers wherever we can.

Gin is by its very nature, a luxury and in these times of doom and gloom is sometimes seen as a dispensable item in the shopping basket. It is also however a moment of escapism, a story in a glass, another person’s creativity and passion reflected in liquid form and a moment of pleasure. Now more than ever these little treats, these journeys of discovery and joy matter more than ever. If we can make it more affordable for those who do want to get a bottle or two, then we’ll consider it a service worth doing.

After all, if you already feel like you have enough and don’t want another, then that’s great too – tag us on Insta as you raise a glass of your favourite come G&T time, or sneak a little of your time stuck indoors to read up a little more about what makes them so brilliant (hopefully our reviews will have done them justice!).

The second reason we are doing a 20% sale is for those small, independent distillers. Discounts do help with new interest and new sales.

We might be taking the most un-pressured pitch for “sales” that’s ever been done (an essay on why is usually enough to kill any sense of urgency out of any idea), but we hope that by simply removing our margin we can help them keep their spirit moving and help them to stay in business. Our commitment is to ensure they stay in stock as best we can, not just put products up to reduce our overheads - the aim here is entirely to keep ordering more and keep their supply chain alive.

The big boys may be under pressure (despite that, they are doing fantastic things to help those who who have lost jobs), but with bars, restaurants and events are all shutting down and with no bottles flowing out of the small batch, independently owned and less established distilleries, they will be hard pressed to continue doing what they do best. We’re starting with around 20 producers but if we can add more into that list and reduce the price on others who fall into that category in the days to come, we will.

We’re happy to take our margin out of the equation, work at cost, so that those distillers (also small businesses like ours) benefit from a flow of orders, without that benefit having to cost the ones actually supporting them – the drinkers – too much to do so.

So, if you know of a distillery or gin that you want to support by grabbing a bottle and having a drink – Emile’s got his hands washed, his boxes made and ready to help deliver it to your door!