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Puddingstone Distillery

Written by Gin Foundry

Tour the Home of Campfire Gin!

Address: Puddingstone Distillery, Unit 1 Artisan Workshops, P E Mead & Sons Farm Shop, Lower Icknield Way, Wilstone, Tring, Hertfordshire, HP23 4NT

Price: £15

Availability: Open 9.30 - 5.00 on Friday and Saturday. Weekdays by appointment, subject to gin commitments!

Duration of Tour: 2 hours

Book HERE (book in advance, it’s a small space and events ALWAYS sell out in advance)

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For Your Money:

Founders Kate and Ben have been on board with tourism since the very second they launched Puddingstone Distillery. They host social nights, too, which are always worth looking into, but the tours are a great start. Held on Thursday nights, founders Ben & Kate Marston will welcome you into their distillery to present their take on the history of Gin. They’ll talk you through their own production and inspirations and keep you topped up on samples and cocktails.

A few thoughts from Gin Foundry:

The shop is open Monday - Saturday from 9.20 - 5pm so stroll on in, peruse about and have a chat with them. It’s not quite a structured tour, but you’ll get the feel of the place and there’ll be someone on hand to tell you what’s going on!

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