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The Bath Gin Company Tour

The Bath Gin Company Tour Canary Bar
Written by Gin Foundry

Address: The Bath Gin Company, 2 - 3 Queen Street, Bath, BA1 1HE.

Price: £20

Availability: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 12pm.

Duration of Tour: 30 minutes.

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For Your Money:

Situated in Bath’s hickledy-pickledy Canary Bar, the Bath Gin Company tour is probably amongst the least conventional you’ll go on. The still is tiny, the workshop is like something out of a Roald Dahl book and the team are a wildly enthusiastic bunch.

Operating out of the basement of the Canary Bar, the distillery is as cute as it is fascinating. You’ll be welcomed with a Bath Gin and Tonic, you’ll learn about the history of gin and take a tour of the facilities. You’ll also be given a 50ml mini as you leave!