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The Oxford Artisan Distillery - TOAD

Written by Gin Foundry

Address: The Oxford Artisan Distillery, South Park, Cheney Lane, Oxford, OX3 7QJ

Price: £20

Availability: Monday - Saturday: 11.00am (Booking ahead is recommended).

Duration of Tour: 45 minutes

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For Your Money:

There are a couple of tours on offer at The Oxford Artisanal Distillery, but most will go for the “standard” tour. The Standard Tour is a march around the beautiful distillery, where you’ll be shown how the TOAD team make their vodka, gin, absinthe and whisky from scratch. It’s amazing to see the process move from grain to bottle and you’re all but guaranteed to come away with as many questions as answers.

The Founder’s Tour costs £50 and lasts a further 45 minutes. As the name suggests, it’s hosted by one of the three founders this tour gives a unique insight into their journey from conception all the way to bottle. As a team they are big characters too, so it’s incredibly personable as a visit and they spend time talking about how they source the ingredients and the work that goes into making the vodka, gin, absinthe and rye whiskey. After this in-depth tour, they also host an extended tasting session, taking you through all the different spirits and finishing with a large gin and tonic.

A few thoughts from Gin Foundry:

The stills are completely bonkers and unique looking and as a tour, this is one of the more memorable ones you’ll find in the UK.

Anywhere that goes grain to glass has a lot to talk about and TOAD certainly doesn’t disappoint in terms of content, passion. If you have a broad interest go for the Standard tour, it’s good, but if you do know a little more about booze already and really want to get under the skin of this place - the Founders tour delivers the difference in price.