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Written by Gin Foundry

We are pleased to announce there is a new Ginporium in town! To celebrate, we’ve got a special discount just for you…

Many of you will have seen our little shop tucked within the Gin Foundry site. It’s been humbling to see tasting sets, books, annuals and custom prints flying out the door ever since it opened. Given it’s now sold out for Saturday – many will have seen Junipalooza tickets vanish over the past few weeks too. But now, we’re proud to share with you the next phase of our journey…

We’ve taken our Ginporium one step further and have decided to work with 50 distilleries to make their gins available to as many people as possible. The mission for Gin Foundry has always been to become a hub for the category and with it, help people find the perfect gin for them. By retailing the very best gins from around the world, we are excited that we will achieve our goal of bringing tasty tipples to those with a thirst to discover something different.

Why only stock the gins from 50 distilleries you ask? Too much choice can be confusing and we wanted to present a shortlist rather than simply stock any and every gin. We feel it’s important to provide a platform for the lesser known, a platform for those whose products are cornerstones of the gin category and an opportunity for the newly established to find fans, eager to try the latest gin from around the world. By only having 50 distilleries at any given time we can help our readers and returning gin fans identify which bottles they should be looking out for and why.

However, it’s not solely for curation. It is also because we want to work with Ginsmiths directly and create added value for all of those who purchase their gin via the Ginporium. We are busy planning exciting projects with various gins, assembling free bolt-ons with a few distilleries, plotting giveaways and cheeky tasters, as well as exclusive goodies direct from the makers to your door.

So what about that discount code…? We’re giving 10% off all orders for the next two weeks to celebrate the launch - just use the code “GINPORIUM” upon checkout.

We want our Ginporium to be a place where ratings are honest and community driven, so that you can really see what the general consensus is on any given gin. When there are hard choices to make as to which gin to choose - it’s always nice to have a plethora of tasting notes to base your decision on.

To promote this community element, we’ll be giving away a bottle of gin once a month to a lucky winner (picked at random) who writes a review about any product they have bought from the shop. So, sip, taste and enjoy but if you tell us what you think, you’ll also be in with a chance to be handsomely rewarded!

Lastly, we would like to say a huge thank you to those of you who have already purchased from our shop. Your support and interest in all things Gin Foundry and our projects have made it possible for us to launch this next stage.

To browse through the Ginporium, click HERE