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Plan Your Visit

Written by Gin Foundry

Depending on the day you come, your ticket to Junipalooza will entitle you to either four or five hours of solid Gin tasting. That may sound a lot - it is a lot - but given that there are over 200 gins between all of the makers, you’re going to have to do some forward planning to really get the most out of the experience.

We think there are three things you need to bear in mind in order to enjoy the festival to the fullest…


There are 90 exhibitors at the show and it pays to be curious. Not just to try something new, but to discover something new about a gin or a mixer that you thought you had a grasp on. All gins and distilleries evolve, and they all add something else to the line-up, refine their skills, improve and innovate to stay current.

If you can suspend disbelief for a minute and go in with a sense of discovery and genuine curiosity you’ll be amazed by just how truly mesmerising, diverse and constantly moving gin as a category is. It never stays still, and this is a perfect opportunity to experience what’s going on.


Junipalooza is a meet the maker show. The owner or the distiller will be there for each gin being served.

Gin, as you super geeks know, is as much about the spirit of the maker as the spirit they make. They imbue their passion, their creativity, vision and their entire lives into each drop. They are the rock stars, the artists and the visionaries of today and it is they who make the show so spectacular.

Get to meet them, ask questions, lend an ear for what they have to say and you’ll understand their gins better, as well as leave feeling truly inspired. There are so many phenomenal stories behind the brands (and some bloody weird ones too. Why does Hernö have a distillery Rooster?  Are the team behind Twelve Keys really a helicopter pilot and a surgeon?).

Discerning Drinking

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again -  there’s too much to drink at the show. A little bit of discerning drinking goes a long way, not just for sobriety but so that you don’t nail your taste buds early and not end up too fatigued to be able to fully appreciate a gem tucked away around the corner.

There’s no need to finish something if you don’t like it, nor is there a no need to try everything just because it’s offered. There are spittoons everywhere and literally all distillers would prefer you to tip it out than go bottoms up.

Drink water, take your time and take it easy. The best way to plan ahead is to pick six or seven Must Sees, visit them first and then see how you feel. That way you’ll have tasted the ones you really wanted to and the rest is a bonus.

To help here is the Junipalooza Map as well as a downloadable must see list.