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Written by Gin Foundry

Boxer Gin brand makes reference to a much loved English sport during colonial times.

Boxer Gin is made using wheat from the East of England. The pure wheat spirit is fermented and distilled in a two-way process involving new and age-old techniques, seen in the use of a modern tower still and a veteran copper still. They employ the traditional steps in creating a London Dry style of gin, whereby they steep the botanicals in the already distilled wheat spirit for an eight hour maceration. Angela, their 108-year-old copper pot still, heats the spirit to produce vapour that condenses to form a gin. With eight botanicals now distilled, the result is a rounded and balanced gin. Pretty usual so far - but it doesn’t stop there.

Boxer Gin adds Himalayan juniper distillate and bergamot after the distillation. For the former, they separately steam distil fresh, wild juniper berries to extract the essential oils. Taking around 20 hours to distil, the process is carried out at source in the Himalayas, capturing all of the nuances of flavour with clarity as clear and crisp as the mountain scape in its surrounding. The bergamot is extracted in slightly less unique circumstances, but by cold pressing fresh bergamot peel - they extract a zingy raw citrus essential oil that really shines through in the gin.

Boxer Gin to taste…

The end result makes Boxer Gin a fresh, crisp juniper forward gin. The piney notes compliment a perfumed citrus profile, predominantly because of the bergamot. The cinnamon, angelica, nutmeg, orris and liquorice root underpin the gin and balance it out. The nutmeg helps with a lingering finish where the bergamot reappears once more, long after the G&T has disappeared!

Bottled at 40% ABV for the UK market and 45% ABV for export, the Boxer team have managed to use the best of both worlds and have combined traditional distilling techniques with forward thinking infusions. The result really shines and is a refreshing addition to the gin scene. The juniper really comes out fresh and full on - not dissimilar to the way it does with Oxley Gin or Sacred Gin and can be considered as equally innovative.

One of the more interesting facets of Boxer Gin and the Green Box Drinks team is in their ecological packaging and stock refilling scheme. When a bar or restaurant places an order for Boxer Gin, the Green Box Drinks team will send bottles full of liquid as any other brands do. This is of course for brand awareness and physical presence on the back bar. However, when this same bar or restaurant orders a refill, the team will send 8.4L ‘bag in box’ reservoirs. These ‘bag in box’ reservoirs are almost exactly like boxed wine, but instead of being available to the general public, Green Box‘s bags are only available to the trade.

This innovation reduces packaging by 95%, cutting transported weight by 45% and transported volume by 63%. The carbon cost of producing and recycling glass are therefore completely avoided. Instead the bar or restaurant refills their bottle of Boxer Gin straight from the ‘bag in box’. This also in turns allows Green Box Drinks to sell refills for a fraction of the cost of the original supply. It’s pretty clever as a system and hopefully it allows the team to gain further traction within the bar scene.

The major downside to Boxer Gin is that it’s hard to get hold of as the team are only starting to bring it to market. Backed by a team who own and distribute a range of other brands, 2014 looks promising however, so expect more distribution deals to be in place over the year, and more fans finding them at the trade shows across the UK.


For more information about Boxer Gin, visit their website: www.boxergin.com

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