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Langton’s No. 1

Written by Gin Foundry

Langtons of Skiddaw No. 1 Lakeland Gin, as it’s formally called, tries to capture the taste and aroma of the Lake District in Cumbria by which it is inspired. Launched at the end of 2012 by two local Lakes lads,Tim Moor and Nick Dymoke-Marr, the number one priority was to keep the gin as locally sourced and produced as possible.

Whilst launched in 2012, Langton’s No. 1 actually started being drawn up three years prior to that by its entrepreneurial owners. Using Tim’s experience in design and Nick’s former experience in the drinks industry, the duo decided upon collaborating together to create a new product. Seeing a potential for growth within the spirits market, it was after discovering that Skiddaw Mountain had an aquifier sitting underneath it, that Nick and Tim found their gin bells ringing. Skiddaw is the fourth tallest mountain in England, and happens to be the place that Langton’s No. 1 proudly like to call their water home.

Using their borehole under Skiddaw, they are able to source the water from deep under ground and bring it to the surface. For Tim and Nick this is a task worth doing as to them it is not just any kind of water but a water that is up to a million years old and has filtered down through various layers of black slate which has given it an intensive purified quality and taste. It is this water that has proven central to their brand and inspired what their ethos is all about; quality, locality, and tradition.

Outsourced to G&J Distillers for a four-time distillation routine in a copper pot still, Langton’s No. 1 have still managed to keep their work close to home as Greenall’s is based close by in Warrington, found in the North-West of England. Even after the gin is distilled and processed, it is taken back up North to Allied Glass Containers for bottling. It really is a North England gin in every way and proudly so.

11 botanicals are used with some more unusual distinctive additions that need to be highlighted; for example the use of oak bark which is collected from 100 year-old oak trees in the Lake District Park land. This kind of edge allows the gin to embrace an earthy taste and aroma, imparting the flavour of the Lake District. The rest of the botanicals follow a more traditional form including that of juniper, lemon and orange peel and liquorice, giving it a more conventional flavour profile.

The result is that on the nose, an aroma of woody juniper and soft mineral like citrus sit with an oaked undertone. This comes up on the palate with citrus, coriander and juniper flourishing upfront, followed by earthy notes. A rather dry finish tails off an easily discernible flavour journey. Soft and smooth, with cheeky twists and turns with the botanicals taking their turn one after another makes Langton’s No. 1 a complete gin and a worthy addition to the scene.

Langton’s No. 1 postulate an effortless but well-structured bottle and label. It shows a variety of colour, boldness in type-font, texture, a traditional cork lid, and an unusual bottle shape. These intricacies convey just how well thought out the whole design of this gin is in showing the quality and locality of the gin itself. The bottle has various textured contours running down the front side, inspired by the local Skiddaw Mountain and a piece of slate found there - it points back to Langton’s surrounding landscape and the natural beauty of the area. This rather unusual architectural format is further exemplified by the very shape of the bottle and the cork lid; referencing itself to the gin flasks used in the 1700s, it pays respect to that first and initial distinctive gin bottle. The green, blue and black colours are a move away from such a tradition but helps one spark their visualisation of the Lake District on a rainy day denoted by such earthy colours.

With all the symbolism involved in such a bottle, it could easily be overdone and feel too complicated, too messy and actually then weaken the whole profile. However, the bottle instead resonates elegance, with the simple yet bold label to capture attention.

This proud North England Gin really is starting to kick off; with orders from Spain and Scandinavia both wanting their little taste of the British mountainside, it’s easy to see a bright few years ahead. Langton’s of Skiddaw is an embodiment in gin form of the Lake District in taste, smell and image. Just one sip of Langton’s No. 1 conjures up those glorious wintery, woodland oriented, rainy days. And who does not want to be brought back to that!


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