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We’re looking forward to these Junipalooza specials…

Written by Gin Foundry

50 Distillers, 100 Gins & You

Thousands upon thousands of bottles of tonic are fizzing and popping in pallets en route to Tobacco Dock, and distillers from as far and wide as Bangkok, Capetown and Tasmania are boarding flights for London. Amongst the 100+ gins on offer, we’ve got some brand new gins and some that have never set foot in the UK before.  Read on to catch a glimpse of who’s caught our eye this year and our Junipalooza exclusives!

Junipalooza Exclusives

Iron Balls Bangkok Thailand

This is very rarely available outside of its Bangkok home, but oh lord, it should be! It’s like a Fruit Salad chewy sweet met a ginger snap and had a beautiful, tropical baby. Pineapple and coconuts form the spirit base and their presence is felt throughout. This is a decidedly Thai take on Gin and the very first time that the brand will land on UK shores. Try it. Fall in love. Move to Thailand.

Conniption GinDurham, United States

This American delight is an absolute Gin Foundry favourite. Honeysuckle and cucumber tussle over a megaphone, bringing a mouth-wateringly fresh taste that flits, eternally, between achingly sweet and crisply vegetal. Cardamom and coriander bring some swagger to the spirit, whilst juniper whispers quietly in the background. A firm Gin Foundry favourite, this is your only chance to find this in the UK. Try it. Try it again. Buy it.


Far more traditional than its Antipodean compatriots, McHenry Distillery shuns the Bush Gin botanicals that are crammed into a majority of Aussie spirits to make something far more classic in taste. Soft and sippable, with a splash of mint and a loud, bright spice working to support a deliciously piny juniper, this is a workhorse of a gin that plays a perfect part in any classic cocktail.

The Duchess Virgin Gin & Tonic - South Africa

Showing that it’s not all about ABV, don’t miss the chance to meet the duo behind the non-alcoholic gin & tonic that’s swept across South Africa. Crafted with aromatic botanical extracts to create an elegant, sugar-free alternative to alcohol - this is one for the non believers. Trust us, just try it. No Sugar, No Alcohol - great flavour and with enough bubbles to give you a pep in your step.


Lone Wolf - Scotland

This is the first spirit to fall from the Brew Dog teams venture into distilling, and they landed with a war cry, calling on craft distilleries to live up to their names and demanding more grain to glass action. It helps that their gin is delicious, too, with a bright flush of fresh citrus peel attacking the tongue before a strong, rich and piny juniper drives itself into the centre of the action. Swing by to say hi!


Thick, piny juniper coats the nose; Colonsay Gin’s joined by a sweet rootey notes and a flicker of the burning calamus root and coriander seed fire. This is a classic gin in many ways. There’s big, booming juniper pine throughout and in particular upfront. There’s no mistaking this as a juniper forward gin, flanked by an earthy root sweetness. There’s depth too, the coriander seed bring warmth, while the orange peel gives a subtle breath of citrus and the calamus brings its usual fiery ginger-like rootiness. While New Wave, mad-as-a-box-of-frogs spirits are more than welcome in this world, it’s really nice to taste something classic, juniper forward and that will work across a spectrum of cocktails. Don’t Miss out.

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